CD From our family to Vladimir Orlov — already in stores

The book is written for children. In favor of the popular form of the creator knows about the main characters of the Belarusian history Useslaw Sorcerer Vytautas majestically Skarina, Lev Sapieha … — Before the uprising Belarusian People’s Republic in 1918.
CD "From our family" — the first Belarusian audiobook that reads the creator:

There were times when I felt a real drive, when I read

Eagles: "There were times when I felt a real drive when reading. Nachyttsy allows Work to improve the book text itself. I know this not only from the book" From our family "as we" Beltonmedya "recorded two more books. Soon book will be a "secret history of Polotsk", and on the way the book "The Order of the snow-white mouse", which will include selected stories and essays from books "Elephants Hannibal" and "Order of the snow-white mice."
Disc issued by "Beltonmedya." On the prospects of new publications, and working with more nachytkay own works created by:
Eagles: "I have a lot of experience, and in the future will be a whole avdyebibliyatechka." Beltonmedya "also plans to publish a book of selected historical novels and short stories. But it will have to recite Prof. actors. "
"From our family" Vladimir Orlov — a multimedia project where you can find except the sound of the text books and illustrations.

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