Repressed in the middle of the Stalin era natives of Belarus — many thousands of Poles and only a few Russians. Why? Is it for the past history of Poland on our lands resettled more people than from Russia? No. It is clear that in the nineteenth century came to Belarus hundreds of thousands of Russian people that have filled all the newly created local power structure, economy, education and the church. Specifically, in the 19th century in Belarus was established that balance amount Belarusians, Poles and Russians, who in general remained a day or before. And if you really do not disassemble Stalinism own nationality of the victims, such as where an imbalance between repressed Poles and the Russians? Maybe all the same — apart? Even so already, next to popular verdicts "spying for Poland" or "cooperation with Polish agents" or simply "to promote the Poles" impossible to imagine for themselves the same wording of the Russian Federation and Russian spies. In this case, if the case involved Poland, ended this thing in most cases execution.
… Prokudin Savelievich Nazar, 1867 birth, Belarusian, a farmer from the village mound Kholopenichy neighborhood district of Minsk. March 6, 1930 convicted the "troika" of relations with the Poles to capital punishment. Shot.
… Bankovskaya Franz Frantsevich, 1863 birth, Belarusian, chef dining disabled in Minsk. Convicted in 1926 as an agent of the Polish intelligence to capital punishment. Shot May 8, 1926.
… Artynski Vincent Antonovich, 1850 birth, the farmer on the farm Limes Zaslavsky, Minsk region. February 13, 1930 condemned the "troika" of relations with the Polish razvedvorganami to capital punishment. Shot.
This all-Belarusians "Polish spies." But of course, that the natives of Belarus recorded Poles, in fact in his own weight were local people. And their nationality (very often, incidentally, double — Polish-Belarusian) — is the fruit polonization. Since then neuzh polonization we had more intense in Russification? Obviously, no. But what she was more effective, it is a fact.
Once Sergei Sokolov Voyush wrote such children’s poem:
Azure skies and snow-white stork
And the flowers in the field, as a tablecloth,
My land called Ukraine
And I myself Belarusian boy.
Poem remembered the first time and became the answer to our Belarusian zapaminalku "What do you estes — Pole is small." All civilizations at the time of the formation of their own inventing such poems for children of their own, so they have learned immediately, to which the people they belong to. The Polish "What do you estes" began their school science many thousands of Belarusians that fell into polonistskim wave processes. But here’s the question. Russian no such verse. Moreover — and can not be.
Here lies the main difference polonization of Russification. First signs of Belarusians lavished own civilization and carries them to the Poles. The second came with a supranational empire signs. First gave the language, culture and a sense of belonging to a civilization. Second bore Chancellery, ideology and subordination. That is why very often became Belarusians Poles and Russians, on the contrary, we often become Belarusians. And change tsarist on Stalinism in these processes has not changed anything essential. The Bolsheviks were not lying when he promised to hurt an old world "to the ground", and then build a new one. And built. On the same "base".
Stationery, ideology and subordination — three turtles Russian imperialism — not the Russians have made us specifically because they were not (well, not any) language, culture and sense of identity of the state, but only their substitute. And, like any substitute, they carried within themselves brought to deception and delusion replacement concepts at every step. Apateozu own this nonsense reached the concrete in the days of Stalinism.
Military — MILITARY
First change outside and not make out. It would seem, what’s the difference, the military or military. In fact the military — it is something that concerns the army, the army profession. A military — what with the war and all, all the people. We live in Belarus, and our military serve in the Belarusian military environment, behind a fence. But surely it is called — Belorussian Military District. And it means that it is — Belarus, and we all live on its territory, regardless of whether there is a war in the court or not, whether we consider ourselves people civilians or not.
Say, when in 1930 a peasant with padmenskay Ratomka 50-year-old Maria Ivanovna Yushkevich entered denunciation to authorities, they say, something is not right about Maria Ivanovna said Russian orders, the competent authorities immediately brought the case of anti-Soviet agitation. At the same time called such cases even criminal, and — the military. Although there is no war in 1930, also does not smell. Maria Ivanovna judged "troika" and gave her five years of hard labor on Solovki. Three years later, "military affairs" Maria Ivanovna revised board GPU and decided early release lady. But do not just release and deprive though three years residence in the Belorussian Military environment. Notice replacement concepts? The Belarusian military surrounded by a peasant with Ratomka never lived and was not going to live. But her home was not allowed in the Belorussian Military District. Eventually, many years later, after the death of Stalin, the case of Maria Ivanovna saw a military court. This is so nearly cancel, in the absence of crime and rehabilitate the unfortunate peasant. But again, why this is the civil peasant considers a military court? And since been replaced, and the court referred to — the military.
Without war, we operate a military court and military prosecutors. The idea is military and they relate only to the military, and by name — for all of us. Our streets hitherto military stroll in our pockets are military cards, our army is engaged in military construction, and in schools and universities are receiving military training and military department …
Through the replacement of the military in wartime every civilian in Belarus
Tipo attached to military obligations and should bear the responsibility provided for the company to which it belongs — in this case, the army.
One major replacement drags a collapse of others. For example, for high treason. Like, okay, what is what, and if insight …
For treason was punished not only himself "traitor", and his wife — the official wording "spouse apostate Motherland" as kids, Tiffany and all the other "family members apostate Motherland."
Nikolai Antonovich Bogdanovich from the village of Robin Lahoisk district in 1945, when he received a 5-year expulsion, had only four years. Got more than he had. Step went as a family member apostate homeland.
Maria Dubinin, a farmer from the village Shavernichy Berezinski district in 1946 received 5 years of exile as a spouse apostate homeland. Separately taken to court by her daughters, Tamara and Ludmilla a two-year, which was not the year. They also, as family members apostate homeland, received 5 years of exile in the Krasnoyarsk region.
With traitors we have a ridiculous situation. If, say, tried for treason Western Belarusians. They were born at Poland, went to school under German occupation. And here comes the Russian authorities and tried for treason, of course, own, Russian. And they neither sleep nor spirit. Not grandpa Lenin nor the walls of the Kremlin wood, or on the "citizen be abyazan."
So father and 2-sons from the village Jurkiewicz Zavugolle Krivitsky Molodechno district area in 1946 was tried for treason for eight years in a labor camp. Two this yeart sentence reviewed and canceled. But these farmers in their own corners and beheld that the Soviet government did that a year or one and
a half — before the war. Assume that power they somehow cheated. But threw power — such as a stranger to them, they came and repressive as German or Polish pre-war there. Replacing the concept of power concept Motherland — another Stalinist fiction that all people should be involved in this particular field of corporate power and make them in front of her guilty.
"Killed In ITL"
Military-Military … And why in general these files, where almost 100 percent of the victims — civilian population, which in fact did not harm anyone — why they engaged in the KGB — the structure of state security? More formally, you can somehow tie white-thread cases where There is espionage, and as anti-Soviet agitation … — What do these thousands of cases to the current RB and its security?
Replacing the concepts on that and do to lose all meaning. Here is another very common in the files of the phrase: "He died in a labor camp." Office of servitude called on the forced labor camp. Convicted — in the main, working people — Tipo work should correct its rejection of collectivization and Russian lawlessness. Bureaucrats themselves and realize that they are not any "better", but it sounded, for sure, more human. More precisely, more stupid.
But back to the phrase "Died in the ITL." Here at Chancery we are dealing not with the replacement of words and deception thing. PPL actually — is not the same as the VMP? If you "troika" gives not shooting and hard labor in Siberia with the same, only stretched in time result.
The most disastrous year for convicts sentenced to hard labor Belarusians in Russian prison system — 1942. It is clear that in the camps had a lot of sadists and that people did not depart from the life of a farewell bed. Died, in the main, from beatings and torture. From time to time and in case it fell short — from a hemorrhage.
1942. This is not the beginning of the war, and a turning point in the war had not yet arrived. No one knows which way the pendulum of history hisnetstsa. All Country tips in a single voltage does untold effort to turn the victorious troops coming of the Third Reich. This purpose is given to all — and life on the front line fighter, and general talent, and all the energy factories rear. A meanwhile what happens to the millions of Gulag prisoners? Precisely what happens in the brain of the guard, which is not included in the process of military confrontation? They are vertuhaysku pretends — what if? And what if the fracture does not occur? .. Subsequent arguments are missing brain and education. Here the most important thing, rising from somewhere near the stomach that buried deep in the human soul dregs — usedazvolenasts and pleasure killing another person and impunity. Top-down control is virtually absent because thrown somewhere in the front. And Gulag converted into a real hell. That’s where this 1942, when the fate of our fellow citizens repressed in most cases ended with the line "He died in a labor camp."
Someone will say, people sometimes killed themselves. Old age, disease … The average age of "dead in the ITL" guys — 40-50 years. For the ladies, this period was advancing 10 years earlier. But I’ll tell you about later.
… Grandee Olympi Arkhipovich 1865 born, Belarusian, a farmer from the village Börkey Kholopenichy district. October 20, 1937 condemned the "troika" anti-Soviet agitation for 10 years in a labor camp Tsemlag NKVD. May 13, 1942 died in a labor camp.
This Olympi dignitary already at the time of sentencing was 72 years old, and he slapped 10 years of hard labor. Tsemnikavski camp in Mordovia was doing there and felling. It is logical that our grandfather lasted another seven to seventy. If there deported him, and probably he and opera understood that this actual HMB. But continued to torment. Grandfathers sorry, but here we have the brightest of occasions to call them early death, as in the case with the young.
… Yushkevich Ignatius P., born in 1916, fitter turner blacksmith in the farm town of Berezina. In 1937, convicted of anti-Soviet agitation for 10 years ITL to Magadan. February 26, 1942 died in a labor camp.
This guy with forging cooperative probably did not complain to health. But here was killed, with only 26 years old. And such cases are not unique. Stanislav Buika, a peasant from Pleshchenitsy district condemned for liaison with the Polish agent, when he was the nineteenth A year later, in prison in Arkhangelsk Oblast Man is gone. Leonti Bulanchykavu, 36 years old, a veterinarian from Sirotinsky Vitebsk region, convicted for anti-Soviet agitation, unable even to reach prison. "He was killed in custody."
… Lyulkovich Anton, 1914 birth, a farmer from the village of Divin Kobrin district. Convicted in 1940 for communication with the Polish police for 5 years labor camp in the Komi Republic. November 2, 1942 died in a labor camp.
It turns out that Anton Lyulkovichu was 28 years old. Also did not care for the natural age.
Now women. They completely failed. Their true, repressed and slightly less than that of boys. And the principle of natural death of old age here is not statistically visible. On the contrary, Young died in the camps first.
… Shidlovskaya Anna Petrovna village of Sloboda Uzda area Belarusian. 12 years. In 1935 year as kulak family member sent to Kotlas Arkhangelsk region. A year later, in 1936, died of starvation.
… Eggs Yazepavna Ioannina, 20 years, Belarusian, assistant pharmacist pharmacy at the central hospital in Minsk. In 1944, for treason sentenced to 10 years ITL, Sevurallag, Sverdlovsk region. November 3, 1947 died in a labor camp.
… Surymta-Milashevskaya Bronislaw Stanislavovna, 27 years old, polka, collective farmers from the village Shepeli Zaslavsky, Minsk region. In 1938, condemned as a Polish intelligence agent for 10 years in prison Karlag, Arkhangelsk region. November 24, 1938 died in a labor camp.
… Zmachynskaya Vera Vladimirovna, 19 years old, student courses for accountants, Minsk. In 1945, convicted as a member of the GMS 5 years ITL. May 12, 1950 died in a labor camp.
… Kuntcevich Ipalitavna Valentine, 20 years, Belarusian, a farmer from the village churchyard New Miory district, Vitebsk region. June 18, 1941 was convicted of counter-revolutionary activities for 8 years ITL. Died in a labor camp.
… Lasovskaya Antonina Nikolaevna, 26 years old, a student of Minsk Polytechnic Institute. In 1937 he condemned "special meeting" as the wife of an enemy of the people for 8 years in prison Krlag, Akmolinsk. Six months later died in a labor camp.
… Malecki I. Lena, 16 years, Belarusian, a peasant in the village Olhovka Vetrinsky Polotsk district neighborhood. In 1930, convicted of anti-Soviet agitation for three years in exile in Tomsk District. May 3, 1930 died in exile.
Stalin’s Chancery, as a language Ellochka ogress, consists of 10-ka formulations 10-ka titles units Gulag and 10-ka abbreviations — BMH, ITL, the NKVD … On a huge pipeline of rave is enough to describe the life and death of hundreds of thousands of people. If besides the people themselves called numbers or abbreviations KGB archives would have gained full perfection — complete abstraction, would not in general what-nibudt means. Certainly, executors of this crime and to such ymknulisya abstragavannya behind which crimes are lost. It would have been. And only alive the names of people destroy this deadly emptiness and abstraction. All of them are dissimilar and single — they are the only refuge of humanity in this kagebeshnay of cosmic infinity. And only the truth contained in them that in reality came from the people and the state. They even through these same names and names send us a message of your own nevaratsi. How, for example, was sentenced to exile for anti-Soviet agitation old farmer Cyril Trahimavich Borovik from the village loses Krugloe district. A
nd went from one eternity to another eternity …
Hazardous Stalin replacement nowhere and disappeared from our current life. As before, all we have is called the military war, the Office serves as a second, and in fact the first municipal language, and a large adjoining people have not made their own poetic response to the question "What do you estes?" All municipal ideology stillhis word Homeland treats as Russian Alliance — disappeared atlyantydu Bolshevik empire, from which again left alone "basis" of the Russian Empire. And because "treason" as we have before betrayal power, the regime and its leader. "Profanity" for which the plant on the day of dissidents, no different from the "anti-Soviet agitation" and "disorderly conduct" for which put in jail for years — from "spying for Poland." With all this to justify the blame there is no need, because the trial court did not, and the same, in fact, "two", "three" and "special meeting" where the same act witnessed detective NKVD. And the people in our own weight to all this are just indifferent, as when it seemed that it’s not me, it hurt, and touch, only be given three years and expulsion better than 10 and in prison, and if 10, it is better to be in the Komi than the Kolyma, and not, let it be in Kolyma, but would not HMB.
And so we live, and not wait for the awakening public memory and national freedom. Are we going to live while we ordinary thunder fanfare, population, aggregates place until we are the people and civilization.

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