Charhinest: We did not violate the established norms

During the conference, a journalist from Moscow asked: "How can we be with political freedoms in Belarus — a country that has known reputation? How will we be friends if there put people for holding political rallies? And here it seems to be not yet done. "
Chairman of the International Commission of the Republic of Belarus Nikolai Cherginets gave subsequent response:
"It was a provocation. Specifically provocation, no other word. Opposition was prohibited from gathering in places where disturbed public order, public transport, there is disturbance and the normal life of the town.
Opposition offered special site. But she did not go there, and came to where they could fix the camera Western states, filed for whole world as usedazvolenasts authorities. Itself was not anything. People violated public policy. Lured them, mind you, the administrative responsibility. And administrative responsibility is not a criminal, as fall.
This is an ordinary measure of protection in any country — and in Russia, and the United States, and European countries. And our ambassadors, unlike the foreign accredited in Belarus, not stroll into illegal rallies. State that we have adopted is a violation of the rules properly. "

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