Chernobyl Today in the European Parliament

Parliamentary hearings initiated a group of deputies of the European People’s Party. Individually to their organization led paryamentar Lyme Andrikienė.
She helped a Euro Humanities Institute in Lithuania, promotes the initiative of Dr. Bandazhewski in the development of the Centre and to be independent of environmental eskpertyzy dasledinav.
The hearings were the role of parliament in the relations with Belarus and its manager Jacek Protasevich, representatives of the European Commission.
During the hearing were Dr. Yuri Bandazheuskiand Academician Ivan Nikitchenko and other representatives of the Belarusian delegation.
Following the hearings was pleased declaration. It gives a political assessment of the Chernobyl disaster, as sin Russian regime. It also states that the authoritarian nature and isolationist policy of the Belarusian regime makes more effective barriers to overcoming the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster. And, unfortunately, does not contribute to closely cooperate EU on broader issues of general character, including Chernobyl. And such makarom, does not allow the switch to a more severe monetary support EU these issues.

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