Chernobyl Way — success or failure?

One of the participants of our program, journalist Viktor Martinovich believes this action failed, another analyst Ales Lahvinets satisfactory. One refers to the idea of collecting signatures against the NPP method nowhere else — a necessity.
Tsigankov"How do you assess the overall" Chernobyl Path? "On the one hand, the action took place quietly, on the other — the number of participants does not correspond to the value of" Chernobyl Way ", which is held once a year and usually becomes one of the most important actions of the opposition?"
The most disastrous "Chernobyl Way" in its history?
Lahvinets"I believe that the action was carried out satisfactorily. Possible to list a number of factors that affected not that she did not have such innumerable what I would like to wait. This intimidation and force the authorities’ response to the celebration of March 25, and preventive detention printed References (note not all, as transmitted in the press, but only part), and the warm weather, and the current Holy day. But in any case, such action should be carried out until such time as there is a number of people who wish to participate in these actions to express their plainclothes position. new nuance "Chernobyl Way" was his anti-nuclear, anti-nuclear power plant nuance. "
Martinovic"In my opinion, this is a failure opposition rally this year, and the most disastrous" Chernobyl Way "in its history." Path "is a brand name, and do with it what was produced this year — is unrealistic and impossible. Can read as many of intimidation or of Easter — but it’s funny. Indeed intimidation and weather (not bad or bad) — it has every year. But there was never such a funny number of participants.
I believe that the stock has fallen not because of external circumstances, but because of internal characterizing the opposition at the moment. There was no information campaign carried out, those very few folks who were still manufactured, were seized — which is also the result of a bad job.
Was taken just idiotic decision on the route. That route, which we all now past — it is a betrayal of those who were on the bench. That organizers ran with megaphones and asked people to stay on the sidewalks — it’s very nasty to me the fact. After organizers task — to bring people and make protest obvious visible. They did everything to make this protest is not visible, but a few, combed and "constructive."
"Our society is not ready to protest"
Lahvinets"Let’s talk about the specific things to look right and the situation in the country. Now our society, even if it is in the majority against the construction of nuclear power plants, even if they understand the dangers that the current policy to the consequences of the Chernobyl tragedy — it is not ready to protest. Can naturally increment (but not too much) the number of protesters more intense information campaign — but not as much as we would like.
Of course, the number of people that have now come to share, leaves much to be desired. But to give such general assessment and state that the present action and a failure is different, which were prepared by the democratic forces — it is the very least an exaggeration.
As for the route, it was determined by a majority of the organizing committee. Like, that the protesters are not under the batons of riot police, the more so that the action of grief and mourning that must honor the memory of those who died and suffered from the effects of Chernobyl.
I myself come from the Chernobyl region and understand that people, for example, from my village (which is 50 kilometers from the station, I myself experienced evacuation and excellent all know) even aware of the consequences of the tragedy, not necessarily ready to protest and just about always it is to keep in mind. After all, people usually expect the best and are willing to think about something light, not tragichnasts situation. "
Or connect voedinyzhdy opposition collecting signatures against nuclear power?
Tsigankov"Speaking at a rally at the Academy, Alexander Milinkevich stated that the movement" For Freedom "is launching a campaign to collect signatures against the construction of nuclear power plant in Belarus. Clearly, but that even in the midst of opposition there is no unity on this issue — some quite well-known personality believe that NPP need. As for Political opposition is correct, the winning theme — to raise the population against nuclear power? "
Martinovic"As you have noted, this issue is not opposition to consolidation, the particular topic. And at the moment, the opposition is a situation that is very much needed consolidation, no matter what brand new initiative should not sever.
And the reasons for this purpose does not merit explicit eats. "Petition" — these words I hear so many years. If any party claims the campaign of collecting signatures, I do not think anything will be made. Collection of signatures in our legal and judicial criteria — a road to nowhere. If you want to achieve something, you need to go outside. Recall the situation with residents Karl Marx who want to relocate. They took to the streets, have gained that their voice was heard. They did it according to certain rules, but have gained their own.
The collection of signatures — a mechanism that works in democratic countries, where there is the role of grassroots activists in public policy. We have no public policy, we can not be made to the House of Representatives, under which just collected signatures. And because of its purpose and the way services are very controversial to me. "
Lahvinets"If you listen to the sovereign Martinovic, then it follows that as long as we have public policy that nothing should be done somehow not affect mode. Belarusian We defend national interests and we believe that the construction of nuclear power plants is very harmful to our national interests. This fateful decision for our independence. Indeed Belarus in decision-making the current regime has driven into a huge dependence on Rasi. Not to mention the dangers posed by nuclear power within yourself.
One of the tasks of collecting signatures — it is also to inform people about our position and how we can influence government. Of course, there is only right and perfect forms of struggle against the authoritarian regime. But those 50 thousand signatures collected in support of the demands of believers — they became a civilian member of the campaign, and fined for their people and the government feels that they put a certain community. And here we must continue to act to defend the rights of believers.
Vorachivayas to the construction of nuclear power plants. Construction of nuclear power plants, even if it Tipo corresponds to our national interests, it is unrealistic in the criteria of the current dictatorial regime when there is no transparency when society does not have access to the disk imaging. I believe that if the power to determine the place to build, you should not expect long-term if there arise any protest. "
Martinovic"I’m not saying that we should not do anything. I’m talking about the fact that the opposition should work fine. Course, that the collection of signatures is not an effective means …"
Lahvinets"Do not say, I’m sorry."
Martinovic"I say. Indeed there was no opposition initiative, which culminated in success, when she walked by collecting signatures.
The only effective mechanism achieve their goals in a society such as Belarus is only street. Businessmen managed to achieve at least the last of what they talked about. What now happened — it was very quiet and invisible protest. Protest can not be invisible. "Tags: path, Chernobyl

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