Chernobyltsy demanding the resignation of the Minister Patupchyk

The public believes that the minister has not shown a desire to preserve municipal guarantees participants Chernobyl disaster.
Chairman registered in Ukraine "Union Chernobyl-Belarus" Alexander Volchanin said:
"Gathered reign of our Union and the Commission held a meeting of the Chernobyl UCP. And we concluded — right behind the resignation of the Minister of Agriculture should happen and the resignation of Minister of Social Security, as he" flunked "the entire defense Chernobyl. Such people not must be in power. "
Of the current mourning anniversary in Mogilev preceded detention activist of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hulk) Nicholas Rasyuk. Policemen suspended him for 100 meters from the venue of the "official" Chernobyl rally. Rasyuk carried a wreath on the tapes which was written "from the united democratic opposition Mogilev."
Chairman of the Mogilev regional branch of the BPF Grigory Kostusev said, "Freedom", which lay a wreath failed and because local Democrats limited colors. A wreath will be near Chernobyl cross, which several years ago established opposition forces and where they usually celebrate the funeral date:
"Cross restored. His government tried to break. But we have repaired it. And it’s worth. And once a year, in the evening of the 25th or 26th we lay there flowers, wreaths."
Now mourning rally was held in Mozyr. This our radio said last liquidator Valery Zaitsev:
"Chernobyl victims came a lot. Liquidators were. And immigrants. Kids were. And in the evening we also held a concert."
Activist of the United civilian party Vladimir Katsora told about the plans of the democratic community in Gomel. Then the action will be under the sign of disagreement with the construction of nuclear power plants and demanding the return of benefits to victims of the Chernobyl disaster:
"We are tomorrow at the 16th hour of classical spend hour of sorrow. On This time zbyaromsya at the chapel, which is the regional office of the Ministry of Emergency Situations established by the 15th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. "
Many of the planned for tomorrow shares not held. Namely, the local authorities did not give permission for public events on April 26 in Brest, Pinsk, Belaaziorsk, Soligorsk Rechitza, Zhodino. Tags: alliance, the way Chernobyl, Patupchyk, the Chernobyl Belarus

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