China and Myanmar disaster as a mirror of political systems

The death toll as a result of the earthquake in China constantly grows. Hard to call the final amount. Hundreds of thousands of people remained on the streets because they have nowhere to go.
China’s government seeks to show makingsmiling all in order to save the situation. But the Western press to raise questions: Is it true that warned experts at the probable earthquake, why so many buildings fell, what to do and how to help people? Neuzh the sake of style recently Beijing Olympics wants to hide the truth at the cost of people’s lives? Many countries of the world, including EU countries, the U.S., Britain, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, China expressed willingness to assist, and Beijing announced that gratefully accept such assistance.
Italian «La Repubblica» draws attention that the Chinese media pretend that nothing is hidden from the public, and on TV sound optimistic statements Administration of China, are stories about working in the disaster area, where the rescue operation controls Secretary Municipal Council Wen Jiabao. And "those who distribute biased rumors to sabotage the work will be punished in the strongest." Prohibited as stateds that in the midst of destroyed buildings — the most advanced, and that could suffer chemical enterprise. So in 1986, the authorities initially few days were silent about the fact of the tragedy at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, and then silenced and maybe ignore the consequences of the disaster at the moment.
British "The Times" commented critical information about authorities China had been warned about the crash, but did nothing. According to the views of the publication, this is just an attempt to find the culprits. China perceives international assistance, but renounces international rescuers to hide the scale of the incident. But even something already made steps in comparison with Myanmar.
In Myanmar gumatitarny crisis lasts. Authorities they say that as a result of the hurricane "Nagrys" that collapsed on the country March 2, more than 34 thousand people were killed and about 287 thousand so far been missing. The situation is aggravated, but the military regime did not want to continually allow foreign professionals in the country. Today the UN sent to the affected areas 426 tons of food products distributed to the middle of 75-thousand, but the relationship with the government all the same hampered through which thousands of people suffer.
Says the lady from the affected area of Myanmar: "Many people here wounded, but they did not receive any medical assistance. But at the moment they say the authorities turn this camp and vorachivatsya in our village. But we have nowhere to live." Another lady in the interview "Democratic voice of Burma," says he fears that the authorities will not allow the country even personal assistance.
It is worth mentioning, and North Korea, where the middle of the 1990s planned economy led to famine that killed millions of people. Then Kim Jong Il said that the threat from the United States led him to focus on military issues.
And the example of the euro continent. If foreign humanitarian assistance to victims of Chernobyl in Belarus people, first children, was taken one hundred percent control of the country, many international organizations did not cooperate with Belarus, and checked out hundreds of kids on vacation in the country untainted by radiation. Tags: china, Chernobyl, Myanmar, earthquake, hurricane

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