China infiltrated computers in BAE Systems and «stole» the secrets of F-35

Chinese hackers broke into computers belonging naikrupneyshim British defense company BAE Systems, to possess information about the design, performance and properties of the electrical equipment of the new F-35 fighter. Information disclosed by senior professionals of cybersecurity. On March 12 this report the Australian newspaper The Australian News.
The Chinese have used the vulnerability of computer systems to steal secrets fighter, which should in the years ahead to provide an advantage to the West in the air. Hacker attacks caused fear that China may oppose the radar capabilities of F-35.

Details of the attack on BAE Systems were lurking behind seven locks, the first signs of cyber attacks were discovered about 3 years ago. But this information was disclosed during a personal dinner top managers in the field of cyber security company in London at the end of last year. The source said that one of the professionals said that the company for 18 months subject to attacks of Chinese hackers, and they were able to get information about the F-35.

BAE Systems has officially stated that «does not comment on allegations of cyber-attacks, cyber security, our system capable of detecting, preventing and eliminating the consequences of such attacks.»

Past South American bureaucrat on the criteria of anonymity, said last week that the Chinese are «certainly infiltrated» into these secrets. Yet, he added that «there are many qualities of aircraft development, some of them, which is opposed by the Chinese cyber attacks. They could not steal all that was on that plane, only certain segments … «.

Chinese Embassy in London, called the allegations «unfounded.» His spokesman said that China condemns all forms of online crime.

Suspicions that the F-35 became the object of attacks by Chinese hackers, appeared in the U.S. media in 2009.

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