China is building a new missile destroyer TYPE 052D

China is building a new missile destroyer TYPE 052D
Chinese Navy, apparently, is developing a new type of missile destroyer (DDG) and maybe built several buildings at once, the occurrence of which may further change the balance of power in the Taiwan Strait.
Images of the new destroyer appeared on Chinese websites in recent weeks, and seems to confirm a long time to exaggerate information about developing in China destroyer Type 052D, which is associated with South American destroyer Aegis. First image appeared this month with 2 buildings under construction at the shipyard Jiangnan Changxing shipyard in Shanghai, China State Shipbuilding Company. Launching the first ship held on August 28.
Views on the Chinese military observers under construction can be immediately 10 destroyers Type 052D. If this is true, it will be a departure from the previous practice of Chinese shipbuilders built the 1 st or 2-hulls, before starting the mass production of the series. Analysts believe that the scale of construction they say that Chinese engineers can be confident in the subsystems used on the new destroyer.
Type 052D destroyer length of 160 m and a width of 18 m is slightly larger precursor Type 052C, and is said to have a little more than a displacement of 6000 tons. Pictures indicate that the ship resettled latest Type 346 radar with active phased array radar and detection of distant Type 518 L-band.
100-mm gun mount on the destroyer Type 052C, reportedly were unreliable, and they are changed, apparently, the newest 130-mm artillery systems PJ-38. The ship also resettled helipad and defense systems near.
Disk imaging on China Military News, new destroyer equipped with 2 units vertically launched missiles with 32 cells to start any anti-aircraft missiles HQ-9B, anti-missile and anti-submarine. Unique to Type 052C launchers antiship missiles YJ-62, apparently, are not on the new destroyer. It has been speculated that the Type 052D can be resettled marine version of terrestrial long-range cruise missile DH-10.
Military analysts believe that the Type 052D can become operational in 2014.
According to recent reports, the first Chinese aircraft carrier (converted former «Varyag») left the port of Dalian in Liaoning Province on August 28 for a 10-day sea trials. Aircraft carrier, which hitherto has not received the name may be named after a Chinese province, and is expected to go into operation this year.

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