China urges global community to look at Japan’s military ambitions

China urges global community to look at Japan's military ambitions
July 27 PRC Ministry of Defence called world community to focus attention on the military plans Land of the Rising Sun after its government announced an «interim plan» with a call to strengthen the armed forces, reports agency Reuters. According to these plans, Japan can make the potential for attacks on «enemy military bases.»
This initiative coming from the Cabinet Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (Shinzo Abe), was posted on July 26, and is a step away from the pacifist Constitution. The final plan for the modern military policy of the country of the rising sun to be submitted by the end of the year.
Ministry of Defence Land of the Rising Sun has said it will consider issues of buying drones, creating armies of marines to protect the outlying islands, namely, disputed with China, also increase the ability to move troops to the islands.
«With China sections of this report are based on an old Japanese fabrications, exaggerating military threat from China, along with its hid motives. This year, Japan has come up with various excuses to expand plans for re … that make tension in the region. These steps deserve the highest of care on the part adjacent to Japan Asian countries and the world community as a whole «, said in a statement the Ministry of Defense said.
In December last year, «hawk» Abe during the second time took over as prime minister, which in itself is a rarity for a Japanese political life. He made a commitment to support the military to cope with the dangers posed by «assertive» China and «unpredictable» North Korea. Prime Minister to convene a meeting called frisky heads of foreign ministers or ministers of Japan and China, to discuss the questions. But wish Abe was greeted coldly Beijing, which accused Tokyo «lack of sincerity.»
Over the past year confrontation between China and Japan over the ridge of rocky uninhabited islands in the East China Sea, recognizable in the Land of the Rising Sun as Senkaku and in China as Diaoyu become more «sarcastic.» Beijing also believes that Japan will never pay tribute not properly apologized for the «savage invasion» in China and the occupation of the country before and during the second world war.

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