Chinese aircraft carrier was not ready for combat

Chinese aircraft carrier was not ready for combat
China’s only aircraft carrier «Shi Lang» (The last «Varyag»), which is planned to adopt in 2012, will not be ready for combat until 2017. About this newspaper Shanghai Daily reported, citing a Chinese Navy Academy Colonel Li Jie.

Usually, the source told the newspaper, for testing and adoption of aircraft carriers requires about 3 years. 5 years needed to bring the ship into full alert.

Li Jie was followed by a statement in connection with the origin at Mon, August 27, 10th on account of an aircraft carrier sea trials. According to Jie, in the process of testing the ship could not do puzzles one hundred percent without the help of others. In the test area to ensure the safety of an aircraft carrier, namely, were Chinese frigates, destroyers, cruisers, submarines are also several.

As the issue with reference to photos in the Chinese media on the ship, probably worked out landing aircraft.

Aircraft carrier «Varyag», designed by 1143.6, China acquired from Ukraine in 1998 at a cost of scrap metal. The client first announced plans to convert the ship into a floating casino. Then the Chinese Navy announced plans to return to the ship and adopt it. Marine aircraft carrier tests began in December 2011.

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