Chinese dragons against the Japanese samurai

Chinese dragons against the Japanese samurai
«The Japanese currently have hard times in China», «The Japanese are fleeing from China.» About titles such replete global press these days are. And the reason for the hectic life of the Japanese China associated with the islands of the Senkaku (Diaoyu), which is discussed controversial status and Beijing, and Tokyo all soon. On «Military Review» has published several pieces dealing dilemma archipelago which the authorities consider their China and Tokyo made a step towards the nationalization of these territories.
All saying that the authorities of both countries did not lure the rocky land several islands lost in the sea, and not even the wealth of marine life in these waters. The desire of the Chinese and Japanese politicians causes shelf which, if they believe the results of research, contains a very impressive supplies of hydrocarbons, obviously not to hinder the economy nor China nor economy Land of the Rising Sun.
At the time, while the streets of Chinese cities are filled well-organized crowds under red banners and portraits majestically helmsman — Mao Zedong, hundreds of fishing boats, as reported by the press in Hong Kong, from the provinces of Fujian and Zhejian heading towards the Senkaku (Diaoyu) to start fishing for seafood . Saying that such fishing fleet on the background of the anti-Japanese speeches in Chinese towns looks provocative. That’s why near the Senkaku archipelago inhabitants of the country of the rising sun decided to reinforce the grouping coastguard ships. But, as it turns out later that the Chinese apparently not frightened, and therefore the area of ​​disputed territories (or waters) Beijing sent its patrol ships, which reportedly will cover Chinese fishermen from potential attack by the Japanese.

As can be seen, Asians diverged not joke. And when you consider that now reeling not only East Asia, and most countries of the Muslim world, the modern geopolitical picture looks quite so dark. How would XXI century in the yard, and after reports from global media situation in human and economic terms resembles a cross between the threshold of the second world war and the usual Middle Ages. Becomes evident that the whole modern world resembles a large powder magazine, a descent into several compartments which someone lights a match demonstrative, one awkward action — and the whole system builds decades would probably exploded in down and remains.

If we talk about how far the Chinese and the inhabitants of the country of the rising sun can go in their own confrontation, then there can be controlled materials in 1969 about events on the peninsula Damanskii. Certainly, to hold any direct parallels with the current funny day is not worth it, because at the moment the geopolitical situation in the world has changed in a meaningful way, but all the same conclusions from Damansky conflict broke out between the USSR and China, can be done.

So, the current situation looks like this: Japan declares that it intends to buy three of the five islands of the Senkaku in personal ownership. Their actions Tokyo explains that, after the second World War, the United States of America on the Rights of the 1st of the favorites have become so referred to as the Southern territories, which then voluntarily transferred land of the rising sun. Chinese authorities are convinced that the United States is simply not legally passed the island, which until 1895 belonged to China, and were later captured by Japan. Allegedly, the island after September 2, 1945 had to retreat back to China. Is there a dispute between the parties that exactly right — it is very difficult read. Of course one thing that both sides are ready for the most decisive act.

Recall that the Senkaku (Diaoyu) Islands — a tiny archipelago, which are placed on the shelf of large supplies of hydrocarbons.
With all of this, many are saying that China — the country pragmatic, and therefore will have to renounce territorial claims to the land of the rising sun, so as not to aggravate the situation. Outlook professionals about the subsequent: Beijing and Tokyo will eventually agree on the sharing of natural WEST Senkaku (Diaoyu).

Will it? — The big question …

Doubts in this regard appear due to the fact that China is actually saying, and Japan, this rugged nuts. If we talk about the very Damanskii conflict in March 1969, then in this case a fire broke out almost rovnenko place. If the ownership of Senkaku promises hold tremendous natural wealth, the ownership Damanskii that each time after the flood left under water, no signs rovnenko nothing. Is that seasonal commercial matters, which apparently did not have huge economic implications of a positive nature.

But Beijing Mao and then it did not bother. Chinese in 1969, realizing that the Soviet Union before it — the enemy of great strength, who beat in not so long ago ended in a big war and tried to bring the steel hand of own order in Eastern Europe, not braked in terms of its own territorial claims to Moscow. It would seem worth shed blood because of the island on the Ussuri area of ​​0.74 square kilometers? It would seem that you can sit down at the negotiating table and to agree, but the script followed the path of military conflict. Beijing accused Moscow of imperial ambitions and said he would defend every piece of land, which he considers his own. At this time in the towns of China took to the streets 10’s of thousands of people, who shouted anti-Soviet slogans and declared that they were ready to give their lives for each meter of the Chinese land. As this land (peninsula Damanskii) was Chinese, can now be a lot of debate, but in 1969, the Chinese authorities did not prevent «the people expressed their opinion» (using the Russian diplomatic missions attacks including) and tried to show for themselves and the world that are ready for almost anything.

In the end of March of armed confrontation (2 and March 15, 1969) between the Russian and Chinese troops on both sides Damanskii lost only killed more than 1000 people. How would then Russian Alliance dealt a severe blow to China and the issue of territorial ownership of the island was settled. But actually happened is absolutely not true … In October 1969, talks were held between the Russian and the Chinese authorities, with the result that an agreement was signed, which was carried out in the border demarcation. These agreements after the collapse of the Soviet Union served as a pretext for Beijing Damanskii quite lay their hands on. Now Damanskii Island we do not find even in the most detailed map of the world, but in its place you can see the peninsula Zhenbao, which belongs to China …

Here’s to you, as they say, and China’s reluctance to bring bloodshed, here for you and the joint development of the disputed territories, here for you, and the presence of severe enemy. Chinese authorities simply skillfully used the political situation, and waited the required time until the peninsula itself nor sailed in their «Reliable Chinese hands.»

Of course, that if China decided not to stay in front of the intended purpose in March 1969, what still hinders Beijing go to «finish» now? But the situation in China over the past ’43 changed dramatically. From a country that was known, except that own large population, China turned into a powerful geopolitical player, which is the very position in the world can force the dot on the «i» in the dispute over the Diaoyu Islands.

If someone is confident that Beijing may suspend U.S. position start for Japan, it is less than an illusion. Of course, the Americans will not cause any impacts on China, even if he will rake up systematically Diaoyu wealth. For all the magnitude of U.S. ambitions to tame China States now obviously can not afford, and Chinese authorities are well aware of.

If we talk about the present Sino-Japanese dispute based on the belief that anyone can support Our homeland, the answer here may be a conventional and categorical: none! At this time, the country came together, which itself providence because of their endless territorial ambitions (and including RF) decided to bump heads.

In that case there is only the subsequent state: no one will not yield, and hence we can expect that to aggravate ready no matter what party. It’s entirely possible that one thing only muscle-flexing by both China and the Land of the Rising Sun is complete. No desire to treat bloody scenarios, but they are completely likely.

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