Chinese J-20 may become famous as the «Zero»: JAPANESE JOURNAL

Chinese J-20 may become famous as the
Although some believe that the Chinese fighters less impressive than the Russian development, the Chinese fighter fifth-generation J-20 has the potential to become one of the iconic aircraft in the world of military aviation as Japanese Mitsubishi A6M Zero fighter since the 2nd World War, writes Japanese military aviation magazine Aireview. It is reported January 29.
«Zero» was first used in combat in September 1940 with the Russian fighter-15bis and I-16 that existed in the Air Force in China, and most of the western military professionals spend his analogy with the current Chinese fighter, writes magazine.
Claire Lee Chennault (Claire Lee Chennault), commander of the famous «Flying Tigers» (Flying Tigers) — a group of American volunteer pilots who fought against the Japanese aircraft — sent a warning to Washington about the danger posed by the then «Zero» but none of the managers did not believe that Japan can make your own effective plane.
United States to realize that when fighters «Zero» killed military bases at Pearl Harbor and Manila in December 1941. Effectiveness of «Zero» in the initial stages of the war in the Pacific earned imposing reputation. Aireview writes that China’s current developing advanced fighter, which over time can make a similar reputation.
J-10B and his successor J-20 have the potential to reach the level of fame as «Zero» during the second world war, the magazine writes, if the Chinese aviation industry is able to make advanced software aircraft. Aireview shows that J-20 with its huge fuselage may be formed as a multi-role fighter far, which can also be used as a tactical bomber.
As for the J-31 stealth fighter second to China, he said, in the main, intended for export to developing countries that are not able to acquire the South American F-35, the magazine added.

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