Chronicle attack-independent journalists

YOU — eyewitnesses? Send information, photos and videos on The address 21:30
"To search the door cut blowtorch" 19:12

IFJ: the situation of journalists in Belarus is worse 18:56
"Reporters Without Borders" shocked by the events in Belarus

Sergei Skrabets "Lasts intimidation society’s such shares of the KGB. And so we do not have long freedoms guaranteed us by the Constitution: freedom of speech, press, etc.. This is indicated and those detentions and beatings of politicians, youth activists which took place on March 25. And this with a jeweler’s precision characterizes the power that will not make any concessions. will not be free elections, there will be benefits on the development of the democratic movement. This is very sad, because this implies that Kozulin have to serve his three and a half years. apply to other political prisoners, including the new receiving day. I believe that all this is happening just as the European Union is on constant contact with the current regime. If they took the position taken by the United States, it will not would come out. " 18:25
Lyudmila Hraznova: "Power is doing with the support of. Authorities no longer holds himself. It only provokes deterioration of the situation in the country. Apparently, the sanctions imposed on the company" Belneftekhim ", so painful busted that the government has no other choice but to arresting and beating people also conduct searches in the apartments of journalists. Another suspicion that such methods bandit went not only the Belarusian authorities. Produced script to destabilize the country, that on this background push Lukashenka from power and give it to someone who will more priklnny maryyanetachny and in the hands of the Russian Federation. "
Head of the European Parliament condemned the acts of the Belarusian authorities
MFA: it illegal journalists
18:00 Deputy chairman of the Belarusian Association of Journalists Alexander Starikevich
commented mass searches in the apartments of journalists: "There is nothing unusual happens. Smee for the entire period of Lukashenka’s rule were suffering more than anyone. So when soon there was some thaw, as some analysts wrote that, in the political sense, freed some political prisoners, more or less relaxed attitude to the European Public marches and then-independent media that does not concern him. And because reality just another impact, because this power is incompatible with the media are independent. She is not willing to accept their existence. While orders ultimately to eliminate not given, but the fact that very much complicate life — such problem is, that there is no hesitation. "
Search in Mogilev (photos)
After a search in the office of "Radio Radio Station" (photos) 17:12
Searches and seizures occurred in all regions
16:45 In Vitebsk, in the apartment where registered Oleg Barshcheuski

KGB go to apartment A.Shobina 16:41 Search in the apartment of Bobruisk journalist A.Shobina
(Photo) 16:40

Grodno BPF office and NGO "Fatherland" were without computers
16:32 "I think that now they are afraid that know the mood of protest in society. Therefore takes the situation as very severe. Despite the fact that on March 25, allegedly came out not enough people protest moods in society are very strong "- said filmmaker Yuri.

Bintsuk Vyachorka 16:30 "I think this is the resumption of a real war with the press. In this case, the electrical. According to the latest least part-independent radio and television stations. This is a continuation of the declared March 25 the latest an old policy," — said the deputy chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front Vintsuk.
Vyachorka 15:55

"Why arrest journalists performing their own debt?"
15:47 Deputy prosecutor of Minsk Alexei Stuk said that he gave the sanction
to conduct searches on the premises of "Radio Radio Station", "European Radio for Belarus," television "Belsat" in Grodno offices BPF and "Fatherland." Alexei Stuk said that he could not reveal all the details of the criminal case and the current incident, but according to him, the investigation considered that in this case journalists affiliated with the creators of satirical cartoons and promote the flow of the product on the web. As for computers, audio equipment and media disk imaging, they will remain in the prosecutor’s office will continue until trial.

15:50 "I think it’s hysterical reaction caused by the fact that made a big political mistake, error and failure. Oh, and take responsibility for themselves unwilling to those who did it. So here they are and dump the blame on journalists who just did that were doing their job "- so prakamenatavav Nikolai Statkevich
current searches.
Attack on media-independent — Echo March 25
15:20 Gomel independent journalist, member of the Belarusian Association of JournalistsAnatoly Hatouchyts
"I have a computer, the wife has a computer voice recorders, CDs, floppy disks — all seized. Seized 31 Total thing. Mini camcorder was — they also took. Took away even videos that Austrian journalists gave me when we Pripyat strangers. They took two cash books Homel branch BAJ since I its chairman. Also the book "Accidental President" Kalinkina and Sheremet, also "Lukashenko — political biography."
15:15 Vitebsk journalistLena Stepanova

Paul Seviarynets 14:55 "Actions on March 25, also yesterday, and now clearly indicate the fact, who feared Lukashenko — says Pavel, Seviarynets
— He fears people who are willing to go beyond their beliefs on the streets and squares. He fears young people. He fears journalists who brought word to the public liberty. 14:50 Searches are based on the request deputy prosecutor of Minsk A. Stuk
first deputy chairman of the KGB Maj. Gen. Weger (Weger) VP The instruction lists the names of people who, according to operational data, are employees of the TV channel "Belsat". By hand in a document appended that searches also need to spend at the "other activists constructive politicized groups." This was stated by the press service of the NGO "Belarusian Association of Journalists" Managing Novopolotsk branch organization, Andrei Alexandrov in whose apartment was completed in approximately 14.00 searched. KGB officers showed him a search warrant and the text "order." In the latter lists the names of 16 journalists, our employee census:. Melnikov, Hatouchyts, Barshcheuski Stepanova, Sudnik, Vorobyev, Karpenko, Arshinsky, Cornflower, Brokarau, Shobin, Chukhno, Deh, whitewashed, Boutique (?) Shchepetkin Alexandrov (BAJ

14:50 In Warsaw accomplished press conference, control channel "Belsat" and "Radio Radio Station"
which are broadcast from the territory of Poland. Director of "Belsat" Agnieszka Romashevskaya hoped that not only the Polish Foreign Ministry, and appropriate structures of the Eur
opean Union will make drastic measures to stop the wave of repression against journalists in Belarus-independent.
14:40 Under the door of the apartment Vitebsk journalist Vadim Borshevsky

are several employees of the KGB. Journalist does not open the door for them.
14:35 Do professionals"Euro radio

14:30 Mogilev to personal home on Chkalov Street, part of 16 police patrol. Said this "Freedom" public activist. Alexander Silkou
According to him, in this house, which is also used for public meetings of the club "Circle of Friends", previously broke four people in civilian clothes. They introduced themselves as officers of the KGB and then detained opposition Vitaly Vasylkova friends and Gregory Kostusev. Both at that time seized mobiles. 14:25"KGB closes Belsat ". Article under this title is now in the Polish Internet Publishing
14:20 Mogilev lasts search personal, public center
KGB together with communal prepared break the door apartment Bobruisk journalist Andrei Shobin. As reported by Human Rights Watch arganziatsyya "Spring 96", A. Shobin blame work on "Belsat". Its entrance is locked machine KGB. (EURO)
Chairman of the Belarusian Association of JournalistsJeanne Litvin Named unprecedented share KDB.Pavodle Ms. Litvina, it is directed against journalists and distribution-independent netsunzeravanay of information. In the arsenal of pressure on

Journalists — searches, seizure of equipment, KGB interrogations. Targeted appeals to international organizations that they zapatrbavali end the harassment of journalists in Belarus.

Locked in Minsk experts "European Radio for Belarus" to communicate as before do not go.

Julia Kotskaya looks out the window of the apartment where the search takes place. Photo: nn.by13:40On "The radio RadioI ‘failed search, which was conducted by the KGB. They took a 4 computers, 1 laptop, all the equipment for recording and carriers of information. KGB took with them for questioning the correspondent of "Radio Radio Station" Julia Kock. They said that their reports are interested in illumination criminal case against "Multklub", or rather — information about Pavel Morozov and Oleg Minich, who pass as suspects in a criminal case for insulting Alexander Lukashenko. Journalist "Radio Radio Station" Yuri said Potemkin RL that, in his opinion, the case "Multklub" was only a formal reason to conduct a search and immobilize work desk.

In the department of the Belarusian disk imaging Prosecutor Radio Liberty said that have no disk imaging over the criminal case, in which could be carried out searches in the office of Radio "Radio Station".
13:20 Brest held searched parent apartment journalist Natalia Chukhno. Employees of the KGB in the Brest region A.Pryma, A.Ban V.Bez and took a computer system, a number of issues of the newspaper "Narodnaya Volya", audio and video, some pamphlets — just 32 things.

In Grodno indoors Cultural Foundation "Homeland" ended the search. It was based on the excited criminal case in Minsk for insulting the president.
The search lasted two hours. Confiscated five computers with all the information. Computers are not sealed.
Last searched the office of the BPF "Revival".
The house Alexei snow-white Baranovichi, director of personal Unitary Enterprise "InteksPres — Region", three employees of the KGB raided. Took his computer, vizytovnitsu, brochure "journalist — a profession unsafe", the book "Accidental President" and other printed matter. Search motivated by the fact that Alex whitewashed Tipo collaborated with independent channel "Belsat" and passed "false allegations" in the address the head of state.

Managing disk imaging Polish television service "BelSat"Alex Dzikavitski binds searched the apartments of journalists working with the channel with lighting demonstration in Minsk on March 25. According Dzikavitski in this day for most foreign media was suppressed ability to transfer video via satellite from the demonstration" Belsat "was the one who was able to show material in ether.
A 13-hour "Belsat" wants to spend in Warsaw press conference.

Immediately three majors of the KGB of the Mogilev region — R.Gayshun, A.Romanov and Ya.Nikitsenka — now showed up at 8 am and at the apartment of journalist Gennady Soudnick. The search lasted more than 2-hours. In the end, took a computer system.

After a search of the apartment, Vitebsk journalist Lena Stepanov was taken to an interrogation by the KGB.
12:10 Immediately three majors of the KGB of the Mogilev region — R.Gayshun, A.Romanov and Ya.Nikitsenka — now showed up at 8 am and at the apartment of journalist Gennady Soudnick. The search lasted more than 2-hours. In the end, took a computer system.

Employees of the regional branch of the KGB Berezovsky Valery Dayneko and Vadim Danilovich conduct a search of the apartment-independent journalist Tamara Schepetkinoy.Byurokraty presented Mrs. Shchapetkina decision to institute criminal proceedings against Andrew Obozova, Oleg Minich and Pavel Morozov accused of developing a satirical movie about Alexander Lukashenko.
11:00 Also, searches are on the flats-independent journalists in Brest, Grodno, Vitebsk, Bereza, Gomel.
10:50 From 7:40 am now going searched the apartment BAJ member Eduard Melnikov (the journalist in Belarus is not).
Searches in the apartments are journalists who cooperate with "Belsat". Most of them were detained. They put charges of insulting President Lukashenko. This was stated by the chief editors information programs "Belsat" Alexei Dzikavitski. According Dzikavitski about 20 creators of "Belsat" do not go out on the connection.
According to him, as a result of searches take computers and office equipment.
The press service of the Minsk police situation around the search of the apartment of "Radio Radio Station" has not yet commented.
9:40 Two professionals "Euro Radio for Belarus", who were in the office of one of Minsk companies are not available. Their phones are not responding.
According to one of the officers of the radio in the room where they are lowered blinds. Specialists from 9:03 am do not respond to calls.
About the structure are two minibus with tinted windows.

At the apartment of "Radio Radio Station" in Minsk is being searched.

By his conduct preparatory disk imaging KGB. According to one of the employees of the radio, which managed to escape, at 8.30 security officers ambushed near the apartment and detained everyone who walked in her direction in the stairwell. Journalist Detained Haretski. His phone is disconnected.

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