Colours of patriotism

I can not be a patriot of the Republic of Belarus, because I live in this world there is this longer the official name of the country. For me, it sounds as absurd as to be a patriot Russian Federation, "the union of the country", or the European Union. I do not want to be a patriot of the country, because I can not keep up with the change of its official name, device control and ideology. I can not be a patriot of the country, which is the Belarusian except that only the names of which endlessly paklikaetstsa its Russian tradition, or the Second World War, which is for the common people have long been completed, but can not over for us. Better to stay in step irrational and metaphysical love Belarus as the idea and reference.
Awareness of the need patriotic education of youth seems to me the true power of today’s confirmation of helplessness. Relatively simple to disperse the rally, fined and landed in jail more active opposition, but you can not force them to adore this government. I really like the idea of Polish politician and journalist Janusz Korwin-Mikko, who said: "Patriotism — this is what we feel and not what than readsm relationship with the country, the motherland is not equivalent to the state, which occupies this country. I love their country, I do not leave her, but I hate the government, which imposes high taxes and I ask that I adored her. I can not adore thieves and bandits who govern us and crush us. From the standpoint of my personal enthusiasm I have long owed throw it all up and leave. But I was notdid itth ".
I started to feel a Belarusian adolescence, when using the fact that we just settled home village library, I read like a man possessed all that was there. From reading curiosity appeared to the world, exotic countries, but also to their own linguistic and cultural identity, and coupled with the fact the Belarusian history. 1st own poems and stories written in a moderate edition of "Field", which was the pride of the child to another comparative except that with the Nobel Prize, aroused enthusiasm for whiteRussian language. Why did my ancestors, brothers and sisters, living under one roof and moving the grain could not clearly delineate their nationality? After all, they did not read what was on hand. We love what we know, and know better what we love.
In his natural environment we all live in a dichotomy criteria, with a sense of discomfort and razdvoenastsi — as Orthodox we have no right to call themselves vsepolnotsennymi Poles, but because of ‘plain language’ — can not consider themselves Belarusians, except that "local". In some places, with 70s in Poland began a policy monakulturnastsi. It boiled down to the phrase "we all live in Poland, we all have — the Poles." With this conscious blytannem citizenship and nationality faced Belarusian leaders who were once paid a visit with a request to the Minister of the Interior. When they started talking about Belarus, he asked: "And what about you — from Belarus?" "Oh, no. We are from Poland, from Bialystok" — replied. "So you mean — Poles. Needed immediately so read. "Activists lowered ears and lost all meaning, as against such an argument does not trample.

Belarusian consciousness we Bialystok not contributed not only to the Polish cultural expansion. We did not have and do not have the support of a strong, rich, pure Belarusian state. We nobody ever suggested something like "Polish Card". Belarus itself associated with us barbaric savetskastsyu, but now associated with Lukashenko. Another we are not given. Neither one nor the other is not pahvalissya. Hard to be a Belarusian in a foreign country, if belarushchyna almost completely ruined inside Belarus. We did not find and do not find a reasonable answer to the question of our Polish friends — why Belarusians mostly they say in Russian, and why a significant part, if not the majority of Belarusians do not value their own independence and are reluctant to it.

This split remains even among those who, together with education and resettlement in the city willingly palyanizavavsya, dropping ballast timid self-disadvantaged rural, non-Polish origin. Then living in Warsaw or in America, they still feel that — the truth — live as people, their Belostokskaya village they left, but did not leave the village. I personally remained true choice that did in his youth. Old age can change only the seat, but too late to change the soul.
Awkwardly read about patriotism, according to the traditional definition if this concept is not asking Homeland us romantic sacrifice life itself is attached to or wishes to join the huge community type allied countries or the European Union. People are more free to move, and the world opens wider than once rustic zagumenne. What we are left in a situation of cosmopolitanism victory for patriotism? I think that is at least our "small homeland" like same-Bialystok.
The question: is it possible to be a Belarusian never living within the borders of the Republic of Belarus or the Belorussian SSR, my answer is positive. I think so. I have not lived and never wanted to live in such Belarus, which it is at the moment. But no one rebuked me, and no patriotic education, adore her and to the best of their own abilities moderate, not only for sustenance, with other abilities to work for the benefit and with the idea of their homeland, she devote their stay in a foreign country.

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