Comfortable to sit, when all is quiet

In this farewell has its own peculiarity. Earlier closing meeting, the Council of the Republic and the House of Representatives conducted separately. Now for the first time — together. Planned presence of the head of state House Speaker Vadim Popov explains as follows:
"The arrival of the president at the final meeting — an assessment of our work with you."
Journalist Yuri Potemkin, highlighting the work of the National Assembly, noted that outside in the 3rd convocation was more understanding between the two chambers:
"Earlier, more often there were cases where bills vorachivalis so referred to as senators in the lower house. But after, as did the coordinating council at the management level of both Houses these questions promptly filmed. And there is no such tension when the House of Representatives sulked that they were called by the lower house, and the Council of the Republic — the top.
Well, the essential configurations I do not see. As before, very quickly stamped bills, despite the fact they are complex — economic or social. "
According to the views of political scientists, the greatest feature of the third convocation of the National Assembly — is the lack of any opposition to it. Vadim Popov appreciates it very positively:
"Let’s go to the second convocation. There were eight groups, the obvious and apparent opposition. Hustle and cod had a lot of. Because the transfer of work specifically in the Commission forcing at least some deputies to work there. He had nowhere to go. This is not the place for political debate. It is a platform for the creation of laws. "
General Valery Frolov was one of the organizers of the opposition parliamentary group "Republic" in the House of Representatives of the second convocation. It reads:
"I met with the guys who were in the House, and I know perfectly well I ask how you doing there? And they say: boring. Although it is clear that 8-10 people can not constructively to change everything, but then it was fun . Well, if you like Popov swamp where nobody croaks, that is his right. Apparently, he as the senior man, senior for me to sit more comfortably when all is quiet. "
Deputies another convocation of the National Assembly shall proceed to its obligations at the end of this month. In the new parliament not a single member of the opposition, in any of the districts was not carried out the second round of voting. Many observers have expressed the view that all the members have been on the list of power.

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