Could be BNR state for the people?

"Sire Chairman of the Belarusian Popular Sekretaryyatu.
Favorites from the village of Borisov Lyashovki district of Minsk province Alexei Zhavronka
I have the honor to request you, sire Chairman of the Belarusian Popular Sekretaryyatu on behalf of the farmers of the village Lyashovki intercede before the German supreme command of reducing the size of deliveries of bread, cattle for the army because of the hideous harvest and very huge requirements of our local German commandant. We can not execute them. We have and without it almost all the farmers do not have enough bread. Same requirements of the German authorities immensely huge supply the army make subsequent life impossible. And so we ask, sire President, your patronage of our humbly request not deny us this.
Petitioner from the village farmers Lyashavki Alexei Zhavronak. "
"The citizens of the village parish Lyashovki Krasnalukskay Borisovsky district of Minsk province.
Your request from your predstavnika Alexei Zhavronka in the People Sekretaryyatse BNR received.
People Sekretaryyat accept all dependent measures Praed highest German authorities to quickly everything was made to improve the situation of your village. "
November 1918. "

Vyacheslav Rakytskyy:
"Farmers have appealed to the authorities Belarusian People’s Republic. Those promised to make proper arrangements. Indeed they were able to assist the peasants?"

Valentin Mazets: "In this particular case, the situation was resolved positively. People’s Secretariat sent an appeal to the High Command of the German 10th Army, proposing to make an order for a corresponding decrease in the ability, rekvizytsyyav grain and cattle farmers. Occupation authorities (and here I wish to note that 1 th the German occupation was much softer than the second, fascist) have seen that in fact the farmers on the brink of survival, and gave orders to the commandant lower standards. "

"If farmers are not treated to the German authorities, and the People’s Secretariat, is believed BNR authorities realized that it is still a power?"
Mazets: "Member BNR Joseph Krasovskii letter Mogilev Belarusian Council Chairman Misha Kahanovich identified that the Council" should be supported on the ground, that’s the power. "It must be stressed that some support BNR Rada received, and thus makarom uniformly expanding its significant impact on areas of Belarus. In towns, settlements on the initiative of the Belarusian local intelligentsia and clergy appeared the city and county Belarusian pleased. Decisions on recognition BNR came from various towns and district centers of Belarus — Mogilev, Bobruisk, Radoshkovichi, Borisov Slutsk Nesvizha, Novogrudka, Dzerzhinsk , Rechitza. Newspaper "hubbub" April 12, 1918 reported: "From Minsk demonstrate that the conduct of the People’s Secretariat pryznanni shtogadinu almost come."
Rakytskyy: "What interests people to defend this government BNR How was this can be done in the criteria for the occupation?"

BNR citizen when traveling from Belarus could freely move abroad

Mazets: "People treated with requests not only protect them from violence by the occupiers. Were prisoners of war and appeals. They petitioned the People’s Secretariat assist them to return to their homeland. They wrote that they are citizens of Belarus. And measures to assist them to do. More example. Germans established a regime where no permission it was to move from 1st place to another. Initially issued passes, but later the People’s Secretariat took annotation, according to which people were given certificates BNR. BNR citizen when traveling from Belarus, was free to move abroad specifying this testimony Germans. It was very fundamentally in those criteria. "
Rakytskyy: "How BNR Rada has expanded its influence among the population on the territory of Belarus?"
Mazets: "It has expanded its influence through the formation of local councils. For this special mandate was issued on the need to deploy a broad cultural and educational activities. General, the criteria occupation only cultural and educational activities was really probable."
Rakytskyy: "Essentially, dvoevladde … And people who believed more — BNR authorities or occupying authorities?"
Mazets "occupation authorities they feared. And in the face of the People’s Secretariat farmers beheld the patron of violence by the occupation authorities. Evidence of this are the complaints about the actions of the occupation authorities. They acted in the People’s Secretariat of farmers from villages all over the country. And walkers went to Minsk even from the Vilna province. Folk Secretariat considered complaints received, and in turn sent appeals to the occupation authorities. So, July 14, 1918 farmers of the village parish Kremenets Hatsenchytskay Vileika County Vilnius province appealed to the People’s Secretariat to assist in obtaining forest on Pogorelov recovery houses. After the proclamation of the People’s Secretariat to the representatives of the occupation authorities Ground Division of the Council of Peasants’ Deputies Hatsenchytskay Parish July 22, 1918 received such permission. In November 1918, the government conducts the registration of unemployed BNR. According to information revealed in the archive was recorded 156 people. "
Rakytskyy: "Maybe the government BNR had some social program working?"
Mazets: "Indeed. Secretariat People wanting to do socially oriented legal government."
Rakytskyy: "How likely was for the authorities to defend the interests of the people of BPR?"

People’s Secretariat wished to do socially oriented legal government

Mazets: "Some historians believe incorrectly that BNR figures were dreamers, not beheld reality.’s Not true. They all understand. April 11, 1918 in the newspaper" Belaruski Way "noted:" People should be the task of a strong education, adnaimennaga noble in spirit i consulate. We are avoiding the word "power" because it should not yet ripe. Authorities must raspastsiratstsa a certain set in the frontier area, have generally recognized for all her people, or a majority, and from time to time i neighbors municipal prerogatives. This boast can not yet none araganizatsyya Belarus. " Indeed, the criteria could be a real occupation authority only occupants who usually share their abilities with no one will. Tragedy of the situation with the aspirations of the Belarusian figures just lay in the fact that to get municipal imperative features was unreal. BNR bodies could produce its functions as it allows them to it the German occupation authorities. Here you can find an example. May 10 People’s Secretariat addressed BNR secondary to the German authorities for permission to register the Belarusian servicemen, first in more officers to have registered a specific composition afitserstva for the future of the Belarusian army. As you know, the first time registration was rejected by the foreign motives, particularly since check-servicemen Belarusians considered by the German authorities as a violation of the Treaty of Brest criterion. But all sorts of sample creation Belarusians his army did not receive a positive decision. "

"Germany is not going to recognize the BNR. So then what game she plays in the plane of the conversation that we are?"
Mazets: "The Germans first tried to secure their own geopolitical interests. And this enthusiasm was the fact that with the area, which they took, to get as much real utility. Second point — the Germans d
id not want, so in the occupied areas appeared a national public education against which the war would start Bolshevik Our homeland. In this case they would have to fight on two fronts. And more. verbally supporting the national movement, they did not want to aggravate the situation here, so as not to lead to rebellion, armed explosion. It was easier to pretend you do not notice immediately made structure that expresses your own opportunities. Especially since it has no army, and means you can not banish. "

"What a happy confluence of events would guarantee the preservation of the Belarusian National Republic?"
Mazets: "So happy confluence of events could be, in the 1-x, BNR support from Britain, France and the United States, acquired namely Poland, Estonia and Latvia, which could directly before the second world war to keep the declared statehood. 2 In- -x, the level of consciousness of the Belarusian people had to be quite the highest in order to make their own army, and with a gun in his hand to defend their municipal independence. But those criteria a significant proportion of those who could form the nucleus of the host of more than 600 thousand Belarusians were for outside Belarus — on the north-western front in Finland. Incidentally, there is a fascinating fact that during the All-Belarusian Congress convening Belarusians soldiers sent from Finland 28 Belarusian rubles for the construction of the country. At that time it was a lot of money. Besides, it was and symbolic meaning. Secondly 2 on the Romanian front of about 100 thousand Belarusians already united, were ready to come to the area of Belarus and instrument in the hands to protect the interests of its own people. Neither the German government nor the Austro-Hungarian Belarusians have not missed through its stripes on the front of Belarus. "
Rakytskyy: "You have said that the happy confluence of events would be to support BNR from the UK, France, USA. And what would happen if they really recognized BNR?"
Mazets: "It would be the same as it was with Estonia or Latvia. Relaxed Belarusians could build their government with the support of the states. A Russian in the Russian Federation, of course, at that time did not have enough resources to conduct military actions. Naturally, they could do with Russian areas such hike to Minsk, the Belarusian army but, if it was created by the Entente could Russians and defeated. way, such as the fate of the unhappy understood and Ukraine. "
Rakytskyy: "Why the Allies supported Poland, Estonia, Latvia, and not supported Belarus and Ukraine?"
Mazets: "Again the same due to geopolitical interests. Baltic countries, Poland and later were typical cordon sanitaire on the border with Russia Russian. Vo-2, the same Britain, France and the United States that is not enough to know about Belarus or Ukraine. They were just not interested. "

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