Credit excellent take, and who will give?

International monetary fund is considering providing a loan to Belarus stand-by for 2 billion dollars. Comment listener:
"Credit excellent taking.
And who’s going to give?
And soon … die?
Billion on the neck of toddlers
Will hang the yoke? "
Military exercises in Belarus, in their role as Alexander Lukashenko together with five offspring Nicholas — a topic that continues to open a discussion, students ‘Freedom’.
Man: "What channel or look everywhere demonstrate how our Marshal waging war: shoot, move tanks, planes fly. On Belarus will not attack. If something can happen, it is only through him, since he militaryzue, alarming the whole world" .
Ilya Kopil: "Students only drew attention to the fact that the generals had shown next commander in chief — a five-year Nicholas. I hurt my ears agresyvnasts these reports. Seemed that these maneuvers are ready to move to the stage of the war and that some enemy is already known. Alarmed me more subsequent expression:" It would be desirable mashtabneyshay be greater presence of the Russian Federation. "But where have I more? conquer Russian language reigns Russian Orthodox Church expands in Belarus Russian business, expanding military presence. In my opinion, all this is very unsafe."
Expression commented past military and present policies Statkevich:
"All this rhetoric and wishes of the greater presence of RF associated with the original threat to our independence — from an economic model that built sovereign Lukashenko. Playing this" war games "with his peaceful troops, armed with outdated technology, coupled with the Russians in order to again receive economic handouts for the upcoming existence of an inefficient economy. But the listener is right and can dagulyatstsa. Indeed there is no free lunch, but only 1 place where we sire Lukashenko so stubbornly pulls. "
Next listener asks:
Man: "I heard through Radio Liberty that will remove satellite dishes from November 20. And who gave such an order? Tell the please. Maybe Lukashenko? Do not want to hear the truth?"
Lawyer responsible public association "Belarusian Association of Journalists" Andrei Bastunets:
"The discussions that will take satellite antennas, has been going on long enough. Such samples taken in Minsk and Pinsk, and in other towns. ZhESy sent requirement that people demantovvali antennas that were installed without permission. And get this resolution was almost unreal. At the same time referred to the Code of Administrative Offences. Allegedly, the question about how to clean facades, etc. But exactly these measures began to be taken after the channel began broadcasting "Belsat." And I think that the listener is right when he asks such a question. "
In the United States held on November 4 presidential elections. The expression on this topic:
Zinoviev: "Looking at the election in the U.S., I think that one day in Belarus will not debate in Minsk and in the province, and will be open."
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