Criminals are no longer hang over excess

Correspondent"You have served 15 years in the police. Whether trust the official results of the struggle for the order?"
Levinov: "I would not be pleased by the reports — they do not reflect reality."
Karaspandent: "Do you think, as an acute problem in the country so called lyatentnay crime?"
Levinov: "Not to say that Belarus is very highest, but still, in my opinion, worth the rather alarming level. And the circumstances of why she does not appear, weight. And at first — people’s mistrust in the police: come to the district to volunteer to assist, but still unclear what that campaign is over … Follow: high turnover, respectively strongly few experts, here and try one way or another to conceal the real picture. "
Reporter: "For you had to create a sample restore order in this matter?"
Levinov: "He try to direct, so to speak, with a repeating vsepostoyanstvom. Exceptionally eventually one hand does one thing and another completely opposite."
Reporter: "What tricks used to mute the problem of — is it true that often practiced" naveshvanne "unsolved crimes on the one who, as they say, and do not lose too much of what? Either this scheme is very primitive — in the main cinematic?"
Levinov: "It is hard to say for sure …"
Reporter: "I asked, as I remember from the Russian period of so-called" Vitebsk business. "

so that society has to help the police, it must first believe that police

Levinov: "Then generally hung on the innocent that they did not commit … As for today’s orders, so three or four years back the really" hung "up to eight burglaries at the man who knew he was perfect for really in any case more than 5 years not receive. arrange for any such conditions and increased makarom raskryvaemasts. "
Reporter: "At the moment, things change for the best, or remains the same practice?"
Levinov: "Certainly, going to the best side. Do not know why … Or the police re-educated. Or offenders changed: now they are completely without hunting reluctant to cooperate with the police and do not want to take anything unnecessary, even if it does not threaten them . "
Reporter: "Could assist law enforcement agencies in the fight — the public?"
Levinov: "Certainly. But that society has to help the police, it must first believe that militia. And in its own weight it is not particularly trusts and believes MIA punitive body. "

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