Cvet expect record harvests and food prices

According to the UN forecast is now posted, countries izderzhut on food imports 2008 a record amount, $ 1 trillion dollars, which is 26 percent more than in the past. A country with a weak and unstable economies may had spent on food, even up to 40 percent more than in Last year.
Why food prices constantly grow? According to professionals in the UN, there are two important prerequisites.
In 1-x to return to the last supplies, some basic food producers — such as, for example, as our homeland, India, China, Egipet — impose restrictions on food exports. In other words, the demand for food in global markets exceeds supply.
In-2-growing introduction of crops in biofuel production. This applies primarily maize. Its implementation for biofuels will grow this year by almost 40 percent.
Immediately over the years experts predict prices also some significant age products for world crops. For example, grain output will grow by 3.8 percent, in the main due to an expected bumper harvest of barley. It is expected that the production of rice will also increase by 2.3 percent.
But the increase in production can only lead to a temporary reduction in the price of certain types of food, according to UN projections. Return to lower food prices doubled, which were Three years reversed, unreal.
Some experts at renders even more gloomy picture of the world due to rising food prices. Jean Ziegler, an expert on the world’s food, foretells that the relevant criterion deterioration in poor countries can lead to a series of wars between them.
Another UN expert, Nancy Roman, predicts vzniknene expanses of world hunger. "Lack of food in poor countries previously generally cause drought or similar factors. Bythis people did not have what to eat. Currently in most countries lacking food. But it is so expensive, people can not afford it for yourself "- said Roman on last month.

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