Cyril Staselko. Lives BNR

Levon always woke up very early in the morning and look adored announcements. Present day for him, as for all Belarusians had a special, solemn. Specifically today his country regained its independence.

He walked up to a TV set and turned on another channel. There have already started ringing anthem "We will leave dense rows." When the anthem ended, the display appeared, a beautiful young lady, who began to speak:

— Good morning, you are greeted by a public channel "Krivich." Now the whole country celebrating with a day or ninety years of the Belarusian People’s Republic. On this occasion, recognized British journalist John Kreydan came to Belarus, to interview the President of the Republic and to congratulate the entire Belarusian people congratulations. John Kreydan wrote many books about the paradox of Belarus, which were translated into more than 30 languages, but until the end and not learned Krivickij secret.

Levon longer listening prygazhunnyu on television, he began to wonder. Argue as president will respond to questions from a reporter. It was very fundamentally, because it will show the interview on some TV channels, arranged in recognizable European magazines.

He waited for the go with your friends to the area, where a large mass of people with a cheerful white-red-white flags will be celebrating the majestic day. People, even strangers, will congratulate each other Congratulations, and later all will sing along Belarusian anthems, "God Almighty," "Long Live Belarus", "We will leave in serried ranks," "Pursuit". But for some reason, most of all, he was waiting for an interview.
Levon already evening when he returned from the area, turned the telly. He had a joyful mood. Levon looked at the clock and realized with horror that the interview is completed in 10 minutes.

John Kreydan announced his follow-up question:

— As it so happened that the Belarusian People’s Republic, in contrast, for example, from the Ukrainian People’s Republic, unable to resist the Communist threat and preserved its independence?

— All the fact, Belarus threatened that if the Russian Bolshevik occupation, the whole civilization went a united front against the enemy, and in Russia do not have the strength to overcome, because it tormented civilians war. Later, when our country has already become quite strong, in a military sense, the state, she still could not capture the BPR, as it threatened to Nazi Germany. During the period of their independence BNR became sufficiently strong state, which could have to defend their freedom.
— Now Belarus is a thriving region. The Belarusian economy is on the same level with the Swiss in Belarus ahead of the military power of France and Germany, whiteRussian language is very popular in the midst of enjoying evrapeytsev. What is your secret?
— The secret to hard work and patriotism Belarusians. But prosperity and Belarus helped that during the second world war BNR was neutral state. This not destroyed the Byelorussian population, and so we now have 40 million. Through this were not destroyed our historical monuments, and so once a year in Belarus comes a huge number tuystav. Belarusian science also achieved significant success, because we do not spend money to acquire the needed overseas products. We all produce ourselves. And the produce so that it does not harm the environment. In Belarus, you can get the best education in Europe. We were visited by many students from other countries to get an education, because they are required to teach the Belarusian language. Apart from this the Belarusian language like Europeans milaguchnaststsyu own. All of Europe singing songs recognizable Belarusian Belarusian-bands and singers.
— I congratulate you and the entire Belarusian people with stately prazdnichkom. Thank you so much for the interview.
Levon was satisfied with the answers of the President. He went to the phone, as very much like to share emotions with closest friend …

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