Daewoo K11. Why modern military needed a shotgun?

Daewoo K11. Why modern military needed a shotgun?
What we know about the South Korean company Daewoo? Auto «Matiz» and «Nexia», microwaves, washing machines, and … well, everything seems. And the fact that the company produces more weapons and is not bad … very small instrument — it is somehow not as advertised. Although …

Specifically, the Army «shotgun» Daewoo K11 and fueled enthusiasm for this side of the production firm Daewoo.

So, Daewoo K11 — dvuhkalibernoe small instrument under standard NATO cartridge 5.56h45 mm and 20 mm grenade army air blast. Separate scopes for shooting a bullet or a grenade. «On-board computer» for clear sighting grenade.

And what is all this necessary?

And that’s what. During large-scale military operations second world war led to effective strategy of urban warfare — firing point affected grenade, then the survivors reach of small guns. Grenade launcher in the current time, standard kit at least some military assault rifle. But in order to get exactly the right point in the grenade, you must be just ace!

Line motion flight over the heavy grenades difficult than grazing line motion rifle bullet. Because modern grenades for grenade launchers to make so called «air burst» pineapple another approaching the target explodes in the air. But the damage radius of modern 20mm grenade only 3-7 m, they are used at a range of up to 300 m, and at such distances is very difficult to get even a grenade in a circle with a diameter of 3 m is achieved only through long-term studies, but in a fight where many distractions reasons and due to time for sighting comes from time to time on the second bit of true aim does not always work out.

Another aspect. Length of barrel grenade launcher is always less than the length of the barrel for shooting, and languid pineapple begins to «fall» even earlier light, flying at a higher speed bullets. Because for a line of motion-trajectory flight grenades would be better to do the opposite: to make a grenade launcher barrel length longer than shooting a bullet. This increases the efficiency of target, located behind the shelter at great distances, difficult for a shot of a short-barrel grenade launcher. Because as part of every modern assault unit has a separate fighter, armed with long-barreled automatic grenade launcher to clear lesions distant goals. However … In the melee shoot of such a grenade launcher — for yourself more. Shards grenades no one will be spared …

Solve this dilemma differently. European-American, NATO, the approach to the case put in the development of a modular design, Shooting complex garnet XM-29 OICW German company Heckler-Koch. Long-automatic grenade launcher «sit down» on top of the assault rifle Heckler-Koch G.36, and not below, as grenade launcher. Upstairs grenade — a special sighting optics rangefinder and a computer for precise calculation of flight grenades.

Defects in such massive construction lot: hard, uncomfortable and clear shooting bullet can just to forget, for the bullet shooting optics combined with «Grenade», but preference is given to shooting grenade. But despite all these shortcomings, the idle Americans calculated that the efficiency defeat sheltered behind obstacles moving purposes infantryman, who is armed itself here «shotgun», compared with the complex M203 rifle grenade M16/podstvolny grow 5 times as much.

But South Korean gunsmiths decided this dilemma somewhat differently, oriental wisdom and in the South Korean tech. They joined in one shooting «combine» a long-barreled rocket launcher, located above the barrel bullet. Dubbed this «mutant» Daewoo K11. Bullet assault rifle made by a traditional scheme: store front, rear control stick shooting. But store grenade placed behind the pistol handle. And it’s not modules and integral, molded dvuhkalibernoe barreled gun. Management of shooting carried out by a special lever with a single trigger. Optics separately for bullets and grenades, allowing pinpoint accuracy with lead bullets as fire and grenade. To reduce the weight of such here «combine» trunks are made of titanium receiver — of lightweight but strong alloy.

Daewoo K11. Why modern military needed a shotgun?

The performance properties of Daewoo K11:

Caliber: 5.56x45mm NATO + 20×30 mm grenade.
Overall length: 860 mm.
Barrel length: 310 mm (5.56 mm bullet); 405 mm (20 mm grenade).
Weight: 6.1 kg (with optics, shops and batteries rangefinder and computer, but without ammunition).
Most effective range: 300 m bullet (5.56mm NATO); up to 500 m grenade (20 mm).
Magazine capacity: 30 rounds of 5.56mm and 5 grenades caliber 20 mm.

For firing grenades used three main types of ammunition — high-explosive grenade with programmable fuse, cumulative grenade to defeat lightly armored vehicles and driving with a passive grenade warhead.

Electric fire control unit contains a laser rangefinder, a wind sensor, ballistic computer microprocessor line motion flight mode switch «day» (optical) and «night» (infra-red) and the battery is built into the butt.

This complex was shipped elite units of the South Korean army back in 2010 Year of the War Department gave its field tests. If these tests pass successfully, meant to introduce K11 as standard South Korean armed infantryman.

For extensive testing this army «shotgun» the Ministry of Defence purchased the United Arab Emirates, paying for each such rifle approximately 14,000 U.S. dollars. For comparison, the export value of the last modification of the American M16 assault rifle does not exceed $ 600.

What else to say? South Korean army at the present time is one of the most efficient in the world. Most likely, with modern instrument it will have a very long time.

P.S. All materials for this article are taken from public sources.
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