Database all worth indifference

Here, for example, a pointer, "Kalinin 1 km." What association can appear? What is a Russian village with houses of the same type, which corresponds to absolutely own Russian name.
But it is necessary to pass this one kilometer, so suddenly make a discovery. Road to the Kalinin suddenly surrounded alley. The bend occurs highest tower of the old reddish brick. And the surrounding buildings as well, judging by the materials and architecture, built apparently not in Russian time. Then the traveler eye revealed very long gray fence. And behind the fence — old abandoned stone park and noble palace.
From all this comes involuntarily swing and Kalinin it? Of course not. Kalinina this village became immediately after the revolution.

Leonid: "I remember, there was first an orphanage, school later. Went restructuring, left the house to destruction. His two years have taken away, not only broke the floor and everything. Since anyone he did not need. Currently there was a man who bought it, see. fence around the park? But came a new law. taken from him this park, why is unclear. leaving him the house. yet he did not make with the house, and these boards will understand. Previously, there was a mess, he remains. "
Reporter: "He bought the house together with the park, and later …"
Leonid: "And at the moment came a law that the park — this national treasure. And he cut off this national treasure. And it will be a dump."
Leonid house stands on the shore of the pond dried up, which in the former days of long trees grow, also heaps of garbage.

Leonid: "After the war I was floating on a boat on the pond. Now it is dry, and it turned me into a bin. Entire village hauling garbage here."
Arrive at the park area is unsafe for health and psyche. Fact, when I tried to go to the fenced area, I met the new owner is not an ancient manor house and two huge Ovcharov. Helped me boy, who introduced the new owner manage the estate. Mysterious winner himself, which we called, to meet and talk about the future for some reason refused to homestead. The house itself, despite the depressed state, does not look hopeless ruin. Preserved even molding on the facades.

Manager: "Here’s a domino effect. Here live alone is unrealistic. Maybe wanting to do some …"
Reporter: "Land tourism is called."
Manager: "Yes. An old building remodeled. His plans were to restore it. And here every obstacle started. Here was a nightmare. Tidied. A village council does not like it.’s Park boundary. He began retreating. Everyones also come. From town nearby. And come to breathe air, fire, kindle, listen to the birds, we welcome every third. And after them — not even the grass grow. But here she was right. And when they began abgarozhvatstsa all. reversal and back. "
Near the palace of the 19th century, however, increased by a small modern house metal. This, as explained to me the manager, sauna for guests.
The village stands on the side of the manor. And it — no not Kalinin. And there is something to look at. For example, large-sized home centennial inn. Under the shingled roof. In these houses even have their own, purely ignatytskaya title. I heard it, they were talking with 2 ignatychankami.

Reporter: "What a cool hut! Her 100 years, for sure. And you were born in this house?"
Lady: "And I live."
Reporter: "And it your ancestors lived, your grandparents."
Lady: "Yes."
Reporter: "And Kalinin formerly called …"
Lady: "Ignatavichy. Immediately manor was. And this barracks, where …"
Reporter: "Hinds."
Lady: "Hinds that Pan did. Chvyraki called them. There was still that of a yellowish house chvyrak. Yet where the sawmill was chvyrak."
Reporter: "And what is" chvyrak "?
Lady, "calls them" barracks "and" chvyrak. "
Reporter: "the first time I hear this word. Local word."
Lady: "Chvyraki."
Reporter: "And what about the grandparents were in charge of the emperor? On Yale?"
Lady: "Decent gentleman was read mother. She was doing here. At Pan. Everything was farm was. Really love to plant trees. Here we have, where bushes is now overgrown. Time in Russian. And there lilac and jasmine, and all sorts of fir, spruce were. And presently all dying. Weeds grow, and all. Cuts village council. Few direct order. "
Reporter: "I travel all over Belarus and ask about all the pans. And even if someone said a bad word …"

Lady: "People have been doing. They fed there. People ate there at them."
Woman: "They are all arranged. They were given some food, and it was excellent. And at this point, people relaxed. Now they are just not enough. Currently funds, and those are not enough. Earn a lot, build, and all the same not enough. "
Reporter: "This house bought some Oleg."
Lady: "He will expel therefrom."
Woman: "It made bath. At the bath brothel. Who burned? Whoever came."
Lady: "There came steep such machines. Drinking party."
But back to the silo Yale, which now looks like a knight’s dungeon. It stands on land which was leased by a radical from Minsk Nikolai Nikonov. He last engineer, moved here 20 years ago. Bought the former farm buildings, made her a beautiful house built apiary. Already passed a couple of years, as he prepared a project to restore the tower and accessories under the guest house.
Reporter: "And for a long time you have raised all these buildings? What are they? Ruins?"

Nicholas: "Yes. Stand alone wall. Had to restore. Well here’s the problem with this, prepare the ground. Just can not take the tower, she’s falling apart, you see?"
Reporter: "Why do not give to you?"
Nicholas: "And as it turned out. Land village council tower kolkhoz. Tower protected by law. As this building."
Reporter: "How construction value."
Nicholas: "Yes. Because very difficult. Auric four organizations. Chairman wished to receive huge amounts of money. Looked after, that this tower nobody wants to take it, and threw this case . "
Reporter: "And what are they all mean?"
Nicholas: "All they want to get more dough. I understand it."
Reporter: "Dog in the manger. All this makes such idiocy."
Nicholas: "Horrible. Idiocy in all."
Reporter: "They have no benefit from it .. Everything will fall apart."
Nicholas: "It will be falling apart. So arranged bureaucrats. If want beauty do not need any commissions.’s A bad building. Collective farm does not use. Give to people who do. Has a project. All. Resolved, signed and given.’s How it would be fine. "
I climbed inside the tower. Indeed, for tourists likely more romantic places you will not find.
Reporter: "This is it 100 years?"
Nicholas "in 1915. I thought out how to do. Indifference. Database all worth indifference. All care
less aware? For example, the executive committee has a security department of architecture. If it worked, he would have long ago went to the chairman of the collective farm and Pronunciation "You can not recreate. Why you took it under protection? "
Reporter: "You pronounced" indifference. "Indifference whom?"
Nicholas: "Officers. Nobody raises the question of preservation. If raised the question of preserving heritage, everything would be solved. Same department must raise the question, likely. On the preservation of what is left. If he had put such a question, he would go to the chairman and negotiated. This department is not working. If you sit on the protection, then you are interested must be. They do not own function. A means of getting. Here it is indifference. Receive wages — and a damn. "

Monuments of architecture decay and collapse for nationwide. In the capital and large towns similar passes unnoticed to the authorities. A nearly 20-minute drive from the capital These processes temper get out of control.
To whom and for how much you can sell monuments of architecture? Who needs to keep control of their recovery processes? And will we still have to recover that in how many years? In the executive committee denied me in the comments.

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