Date A.Kozulin with daughters under threat of failure

Under threat of failure proved long-term meeting with Alexander Kozulin daughters Olga and Julia, which is scheduled for April 26.
During the last visit of Alexander Kozulin lawyer Dmitry Harachka it became clear that the administration did not give permission for a date in today. Policemen explain refusal that Tipo 26 April there is no free space for the meeting concluded with the daughters. Eldest daughter Olga commented policy situation.
"In prison everything perfectly clear. People know that those who are not going to hold a meeting on the 26th, forced to use exactly this funny day, that was the reason to deny the Pope that tipo no free space."
According to Olga Kazulina Tipo done on orders from the top of the highest insulation ex-presidential candidate contacts.
On formal prerequisites failure in dating the daughter of Alexander Kozulin said in a letter to the chief of the colony Vitsba-3 Vital Agnistsikava. Olga recalled afterdnee long-term meeting with relatives in her dad was in November last year. Then Alexander Kozulin was last seen with his own wife Ira, who died in February.
I recall former presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin already two years held in Vitebsk colony. Politician punished by 5 years of imprisonment by a court for hooliganism and riots in the company day Freedom on March 25 of 2006.
Do Kim and Parsyukevich prepyadstviya health
Mom activist Andrei Kim Tatyana Kim said about the last letter, acquired by the offspring of the Minsk detention center. "Again, trying to calm me down and support. A himself wrote that he aggravated vision" — says Tatiana Kim.
"His eyes lit up, fell vision. Transmit it drops. States that it likely from smoke, because there in the chamber is constantly smoking. But at the moment as it was better. "
Next week, on April 16th, in the Central district court of Minsk started the trial of 10 activists accused of street mess during a meeting of businessmen on January 10th. In this case There is and Andrew Kim, who will also be judged on charges of endangering the lives of police development. Lawyer Andrew Kim Tamara Sidorenko explained how the process will take place: on the dock will sit nine people, and in the steel cell of — another defendant — Andrew Kim. Activist threatened a couple of years in prison.
Day when the start Tribunal over Sergei Parsyukevich, have not yet been appointed, the lawyer said Vera Stramkouskaya businessman. I recall an activist judge in the Metropolitan District Court of Minsk will referee Vladimir Avdeenko. On the days of the emperor Avdeenko signed a decree on the extension until April 30, a preventive measure for Sergei Parsyukevich in the form of detention. Sergei Parsyukevich appealed against the decision, said lawyer Vera Stramkouskaya.
"He complained as he has in the bullpen aggravated health. He can not breathe properly, he aggravated asthma, it needs special medications."
Sergei Parsyukevich faces up to 6 years bullpen, he is suspected of beating policemen. Businessman own pleaded not guilty and said that in fact it was beaten by the police. Tags: Kozulin, political prisoners, Parsukevich, com

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