Daughter A.Lindgren: And we have a lot of kids do not read

At one point, seven-year-Karin Machala of pneumonia. Lying in bed, she sought the evening to tell her mother what nibudt fascinating. When my mother asked what to tell, the girl replied, "Tell me about Pippi Dovguyupanchohu!." Astrid Lingren unusual enough name to write a fascinating account of an extraordinary character — the girl nine years old, so strong that can even pick a stallion …
When Karin grew up, she became a translator. The middle translations Karin Nyman — works of Austrian writers Eva Ibatsan and Christian Nestlinger. Fate decreed that Karin has to be a source of knowledge about Astrid Lingren. Bequest mom Karin Nyman should inspect the quality of translations and dramatizations of works of the writer.
Karin Nyman arrived in Minsk for a presentation specifically the book "Pippi Longstocking" in Belarusian.
Correspondent"As you know, my mother wrote a book specifically to you if you hurt … Do you have any similarities with the girls, the heroine of this book? How you mom raised?"
Nyman"No. As a mother raised me — I would have said that usual. She was not particularly serious, and was not particularly constructive in their own ways of parenting. I think she raised me because educate kids at the moment. Certainly, it was a step forward. But it’s hard to say what properties it wished me to develop. "
Correspondent"Either read a book your kids and grandchildren? Or do not you forbade them to behave is not always perfect, as the heroine of the book, a little, I would have said, perverted?"
Nyman"They, of course, read" Pippi Dovguyupanchohu. "But I would not say that their desire to ever appear to behave like Pippi."
Correspondent"Belarusian kids read less.’s Books your mother read so far, maybe even" Harry Potter "modern generation of Belarusian kids reading, as in globally. Swedish kids read a lot? "
Nyman"No, do not read enough. We prepyadstviya the same."
Correspondent"How in the world at the moment the level of children’s literature and are there at the moment solid children’s writers such level, such values as your mom?"
Nyman"Certainly, there are excellent writers. First it JK Rowling, who wrote books about Harry Potter." Tags: Karen Newman, Astrid Lindgren, Pippi Longstocking

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