Davis Cup: Switzerland 0-2 Belarus loses

Results of the first a day or: Max Mirnyi lost Stephen Pain, Vladimir Ignatik — Stanislaus Wawrinka. On Saturday, the match will continue.
In Minsk team arrived in Switzerland. And immediately two sensations. Guests missing the first racket of the world Roger Federer. Belarusians on the court did not come out now Vladimir Voltchkov. And this gives rise to different projections.
Member of the Belarusian Association of Tennis Simon Kogan:
"Chances are. Federer did not give any chances."
Ales Sivyi, sports columnist "People’s Will":
"I would bet 45% of winning the Belarusians and 55% to win shveytsartsav."
Belarusian Fans Voltchkova absence — it’s something cool. How old Belarusians participate in the Davis Cup, as they represent Max Mirnyi and Vladimir Voltchkov. But time passes, Voltchkov April 7th, celebrated its 30 th anniversary.
Now instead it went to court 18-year-old Vladimir Ignatik. For him, the role of the tournament so the highest rank — debut. And immediately have to play with the 30th world ranking racket Stanislaus Wawrinka. Youth diligently preparing for the game, so read with me the other day, his mother agreed — Snyazhana. She to him as the second coach:
"I was 5 years old with him. And to this day with him — and tennis academies and tournaments. Alignment foreign experts is: Near Tennis must be loved one.
Well which can be read in such a moment? Level is the level. Imagine the 30th in the rankings and 600th. There is a difference, perhaps. Junior, who is just starting, and the man who has eaten this bread. "
Tennis Belarus in Minsk usually overwhelmed and often lose out abroad. Synthetic coating Minsk courts — the most "frisky" in the world. Specialists they say that for such a coating is very hard to get used to competitors.
On This time teams will play on the new surface. Fact, that the International Tennis Federation has stopped covering certification, explains Simon Kogan:
"And in our certificate ended. Because decided not to risk."
Maybe the transition to the new coating prevented Maxim Mirny. He could not take at least one set in a meeting with Stephen Pain. And then on the court came Vladimir Ignatik and Stanislaus Wawrinka. As expected, defeated shvaytsarats. But Volodya fought tooth and nail. And even beat the first set. Because mom Volodya was not in despair:
"This is a step forward. Anyway." Tags: tennis, Belarus, Switzerland, peaceful, Ignatik

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