Defendants expect justification

April 16, 10 people were tried. 4 more youth activists will be tried later. The prosecutor asked Andrew Romaszewski punish accused of organizing group actions Tipo entailed violation of public order, just 23 years. Andrei Kim imprisonment, other — restriction of freedom for various periods of time.
At 10 am in the building of the Central Court district of Minsk people will gather to support Young people, which blamed the gross violation of public order on January 10 during the promotion business. Andrei Kim — the only one who was being held, still blame that he knocked a traffic policeman during a protest on January 21.
Municipal prosecutor Andrew Romaszewski asked Andrei Kim punish by imprisonment for two years. Misha Pashkevich, Alexey Bondar and Artem Dubski — chemistry for two years. Prosecutor claimed restrictions on freedom of two and a half years for Tatiana Tsishkevich, Ales Chernyshev, Alexander Streltsov, Vladimir Sergeyev, Misha Krivova and Anton Koipish not directing them to penitentiary.
Yesterday speech advocates, who directed attention court that during the investigation and court found no evidence of 1st prosecution ended with applause of those present. Those who gave the first performance of applause accused Misha Pashkevich referee removed from the courtroom.
Specifically, yesterday in the courtroom unlike previous meetings have not led police officers or unknown persons who had held almost half of availability. Observers believe authorities simply unwilling to "decoy" had the opportunity to listen to the speech of lawyers and defendants.
Nobody expected that prosecutors will insist on such harsh sentences. Statkevich, who recently served a sentence for "chemistry" for the company protests against rigged elections and referendum-2004, expressed their worldview:
"Since the shares after the referendum 2004 Belarusian opposition has never held a demonstration on the carriageway. The youth did not suffer such a humiliating situation and in January started prospectus. Power again just wanting to drive the democratic forces on the sidewalks. "
Alexey Bondar said "Freedom":
"Requirements prosecutor very tough and very weird. But they are inherent to the processes that we call political and become as annoyed it did not sound, permanent."
Artem Dubskiy added:
"I expect that all of us are quite justified. Andrei Kim too. Basically, it’s all a farce. I hope for the best, but who knows what they hit in the head — may be" chemistry ", and maybe some other sentence Waiting … ".
Referee Lena Ilyin said that the sentence reads no earlier 11am.

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