Defense Ministry refused unique bombs KAB-KR, that are equipped with sighting system, integrated with GLONASS. After the reset, «smart» bomb falls on a ballistic line of motion, and guidance to the target machine is on its advance in the electrical system coordinates. As explained in «News» mainly Command Air Force Roscii prerequisite refusal was the highest price — 3,000,000 rubles for bomb against 1,000,000 for the ordinary shell.

In the Main Command also believe that there needs no KAB-KR: modernized by «Hephaestus-IT» bombers Su-24 and Tu-22M will provide the highest accuracy with ordinary high-explosive bombs.

— Defense Ministry conducts tests KAB-KR 2009. Company for three years and could not remove all the identified shortcomings. Namely, we are not satisfied with the range of implementation — 6-8 km. This increases the risk of being hit by the pilot of enemy air defenses. Note also very highest price — told «Izvestia» Air Command head officer of.

— At the moment, the Ministry of Defense and the company «Hephaestus-IT» are working on the modernization of the Su-24 and Tu-22M. On these machines, we have established cooperation with the military so called adaptive control system with a new sighting system. He brings accuracy with ordinary bombs to the level of correctable — said the chief designer «Hephaestus-IT» Alexander Panin.

Laws of ballistics similar to ordinary bombs and corrected, he says. With all this guided munitions vulnerable to electronic jamming enemy, because in the world of electronic warfare systems rather that jammed GLONASS and GPS.

— If the aircraft will throw a bomb from a height of eight thousand meters at a speed of 800 km / h, the bomb proparhaet about 11 km in approximately one minute. Unprincipled correctable or not — the laws of physics are the same. If it is to calculate the coordinates of the point source discharge bombs target coordinates and distance to it, that’s fine, you can hit the target and ordinary svobodnopadayuschie bomb. Our system allows to carry out such calculations simultaneously — continued Alexander Panin.

Copa analogue CC-KR — JDAM bomb family. Due GPS-receiver and an improved accuracy of its range of the aerodynamic linings introduction is 28 km away from the discharge point, in other words with the redundant three times greater than the Russian.

— To clear an ordinary bomb hit modernized Su-24 or Tu-22m will surely withstand the course, speed and altitude. Minute deviation — and will miss. At this point bomber vulnerable to enemy air defenses, — explained the «News» President of the Institute for Strategic Assessments Alexander Konovalov.

In his view, the carrier bombs KAB-KR deprived such shortcomings. And if you add to the aerodynamic ammo pad, the introduction of the range will increase to 25-30 km.

— KAB-KR so expensive as custom-made. If they create a standard, the cost will fall. Over the next year, these bombs will start to buy in India. So the international market demand is there — said, «Izvestia» representative of the military-industrial complex, familiar with the situation.

Guided bombs KAB-KR created to defeat motionless ground and sea of ​​small hard targets. They are used in weapons systems of the Su-27, Su-30, Su-34, Su-24, MiG-29, etc.

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