Democratic forces that are planning on Chernobyl anniversary

Now the organizing committee "Chernobyl Way-2008" has applied to the Minsk City Executive Committee. Captioned put 8 persons.
Mogilev opposition require power to resolve today pickets in the center of the town and its neighborhoods. And in Gomel civilian activists begin preparation for "Hour of sorrow."
One of the favorites of the movement "For Freedom" Yuri Hubarevich informs about the features planned for April 26 in Minsk "Chernobyl Way" from the platform at the Academy:
"At 14.00 — start. And further defined route along the avenue to the Independence Square, where the rally will take place. For a discussion on it identified three main themes. 1st — cancellation of social guarantees for the people affected by the Chernobyl tragedy. 2nd topic — economic activity in dirty areas. And one of those new — building modern nuclear power plant, and all that is connected with it. "
Further Mogilev reports the correspondent of "Liberty":
United democratic opposition reaches its representatives spoke at the official mourning rally on the anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. But here that reads activist Nikolai Rasyuk after meeting with boss of the ideological department of the Mogilev city executive committee Alla Halushko:
"She said to me:" The script is ready and this time we can not provide. I am not competent in this matter. "She directed me to the Deputy Mayor Mikheenko Fedor. Naturally, Fedor Karpovich did not receive me," — said "Freedom" Nikolai Rasyuk.
Alla Halushko refused to explain anything further, "Freedom." Referred to the fact that last year, Nicholas Rasyuk also had not been given, since he, according to the official, Tipo "provokes a conflict situation."
So as not to depend on the mood of the local authorities, This year activists of opposition parties and organizations in Mogilev going to hold their own rally and march against the construction of nuclear power plant in Belarus. Accordingly, the application is submitted to the city council. Mogilev Democrats also begin collecting signatures against nuclear power.
In Gomel in preparation for the April 26th has its own peculiarities. Member states of the Council of Regional Democratic Coalition Viktor Polyakov:
"Even while discussing. A final decision is not defined. But I can say that no applications are not going to apply, because the good of it will not. We are within 2-years over the past hundreds of applications filed in the Gomel City Executive Committee and local executive committees, but never have allowed us not public events. Because, most likely, we will spend an hour of grief. "

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