Detained human rights activist Paul Levinov

BHC member Levinov Paul came to the apartment of journalist Oleg Borshevsky where KGB spend peratrus.En ask to get it as a witness. According sovereign Barshchevsky wife Olga Karachi policeman accused Skarinovich sovereign Lyavinau that he Tipo neprelichno expressed. Sovereign Lyavinau delivered to the First Department of Internal Affairs of Vitebsk.
Policemen arrest confirmed sovereign Lyavinau and uttered, that at the moment it is drawn up for an administrative offense.
BHC representative in Minsk Hulak protested the detention of human rights defender and referred to the detention bespadastavnym.
Recall, in Vitebsk, in the apartment where registered journalist Oleg Barshcheuski his ancestors KGB conduct a search.
According sovereign Barshchevsky wife Olga Karach, the apartment will not let anyone. As witnesses used fighter military unit. Telephones parents Borshevsky This time not responding. Oleg Barshcheuski itself is outside the apartment. Tags: arrest, Barshcheuski Vitebsk, search, Karach

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