Do I need a CIS Locomotive?

For the first time in the history of the middle of the CIS prime ministers — two ladies: Yulia Tymoshenko of Ukraine and Moldova Grechanaya.
Ms. Tymoshenko, by the way, and the rules of the current meeting. She urged colleagues to support Ukrainian own initiative. In the past year, when Ukraine commissioned during the year to preside at the Government of the Commonwealth, it was on the program from Action this time.
Now Yulia Tymoshenko said, it is necessary to make a tradition. "It makes the country-chairman generator, dynamic force Merit goals."
This approach fundamentally spreading with how the president sees the situation in Belarus. Lukashenko locomotive role CIS integration definitely gave the Russian Federation and the Commonwealth urged to give "second breath":
"From our ability to listen to each other, to find solutions to complex issues, the willingness of certain turn words into deeds depends on whether you have received the CIS" second breath "real additional momentum for the upcoming movement.
Specifically, the position of the Russian Federation with its human, territorial, resource and economic potential depends on the implementation of many tasks and projects that aim to strengthen the economies of our states, increase the standard of living of ordinary people. "
Alexander Lukashenko also said that the CIS is late with the forward movement:
"Unfortunately, bad trends that have emerged in the world, and in the space of our Commonwealth, confirm that the decisive steps towards each other we need was done yesterday. "
Chief editor of the newspaper "Narodnaya Volya" Kalinkina commented for "Freedom" these expressions:
"I think that a stillborn child is, unfortunately, no more, nor the third to give breathing impossible. His historic goal CIS probably already fulfilled. And now she can only develop as an alliance of equal countries formed on the territory of the former USSR.
When Alexander Lukashenko as previously believed that someone can be an engine in it (or our homeland, or Ukraine or Belarus, or someone else), then on my eyes, he just does not think, historically changed the situation in the former Russian countryside. Currently fortunate enough to develop relations between states on the two trilateral levels. And I think that it is in this direction the situation will develop further. "
The main issue of the summit was to prepare the draft CIS economic development strategy. Alexander Lukashenko urged to make the place the CIS area massive economic growth — first through the creation of a free trade zone here.
PhD in Economics Leonid Zlotnikov receives such calls skeptical
"Such an impression that all have long disappointed in these discussions. Integration Association does not go even between with 2 — Belarus and Russia. For example, quotas on Belarusian sugar, which introduced our homeland, they are impossible in principle in a free trade zone. Not built so far the smallest level of integration structure — a free trade zone — even those seem cramped partners as our homeland and Belarus. "

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