Do NGOs survive Belarus after rent increase?

These actions of the authorities are purely economic or political goals? Whether the government should support public association? What are the consequences for the decree of the third sector in Belarus?
Members: the chairman of the Belarusian Language Society Oleg Bunnies and political analyst Yury Chausov.
Which objects are achieved in power?

Baler KarbalevichValery Karbalevich: "Presidential Decree number 533 abolished the reduction factor for rents nonprofit organizations. Seems economic question, even college. Clear that prices grow at all, including utilities. But as a result of this technical solution for the majority of non-governmental organizations (NGOs ) rent rooms will grow 10 times. Many organizations will be required to abandon the lease. And if there is no office, then there is an existential threat to the NGOs themselves. These acts authorities are purely economic objectives (profit from the growth in rental payments) or political (kill 3 rd sector in Belarus)? "
Oleg Trusov"Here, as at the moment stylish read, two in one. At the first place I would put the political moment. Yes and economic objectives are also present. Some organizations, particularly those that have a local or foreign sponsors, these funds went out and brought. Because the government wants to destroy the 2-birds with one stone. "
Yuri Chausov"In 1-x, to be specified. More correctly should be read not to overturn the reduction factor, but a significant decrease in the place of its use. According to this decree, for organizations that are made for the purpose of implementation of humanitarian activities, discount rate is maintained. Another thing is that there is no mechanism to determine which organization is engaged in humanitarian activities. Department of Humanitarian Affairs withdrew from determining what humanitarian organization, and what is not.
As to the circumstances of this decree. We watch the process of belt-tightening. Canceled benefits for ordinary people. Currently abolish benefits for public organizations. Here dominate economic reasons. Another thing is that the economic problems are solved by administrative means.
I do not think that the government receives a significant source of revenue for the cancellation of these privileges. After funds have no public associations. But at the moment the government is facing a political decision: will allow to persist in Belarus-independent civilian society? "
Whether the government should support public association?
Karbalevich: "Much of the NGO retain preferential rents. These organizations are engaged in charity, children, disabled associations, creative unions, and others. And in the West, not all NGOs have benefits, but only those that have approximately the same direction, which we speak. So maybe fraction in such steps and authorities there, why the government should support, for example, flower lovers or business cards? hobby Any citizen must implement at their own expense. "

Oleg TrusovPant: "Almost every country in Europe and the United States citizen who maintains certain public union receives tax benefits. There is a list of such organizations. Moreover, some organizations the government is helping itself.
And in Belarus until 1996, the government helped finance our Belarusian Language Society (BLS). Then we did not need a preferential rent.
I’ll tell you about a fascinating experience. After the release of the decree for the surprises I sent to all the banks registered in Belarus, a request for financial assistance. Asked to donate 3 million rubles. This is enough for a month to keep cabinet TBM. Started coming very noteworthy answers. It turns out that the authorities have already determined the bank, which organizations can help, and what — no. BLS does not go into these unknown society lists. "
Karbalevich: "Mr. Bunnies, you said that in Europe and the U.S. have benefits, not all organizations, but only those who have fallen to designated lists. And in Belarus here on your disk imaging, there are lists. What’s the difference?"
Pant: "The fact is that in the West there are three types of organizations. During 1-x, there are organizations that support the government itself. Then there are organizations supporting that citizen receives tax benefits. Eventually, nobody forbids to do charity, financial support all other organizations. For example, the same gardeners can turn to a firm that raises flowers, and get her help. This profitable to both parties. "
Chausov: "In 1-x, there is no single model for financing non-governmental organizations. But the situation similar in Belarusian, can not appear anywhere in Europe.
First, in Belarus there is a de facto monopoly on the ownership of the country’s non-residential premises. Since the 90s the government was engaged in entrepreneurial activities, became rent units for rent. The government holds the key not only to those facilities that holds the key to Presidential Property Management Department (this is the most delicious pieces of property in Minsk), and premises belonging to the municipal companies. Because non indoors is very difficult to find.
Second caveat. In other countries there is no such difficulties for NGOs, such as the address of Law. There’s no limit for recording on a personal apartment. Moreover, overseas nobody forbids the activity of unregistered NGOs. There are many organizations that room cabinet unnecessary. But they must do to have a legal adresok.
Belarus size restrictions sponsorship or grants is on the same level with Turkmenistan, if we take the CIS. The worst situation is no longer anywhere. Decrees № 8, № 24 limit for NGOs to receive foreign aid. There is a decree that lists the purposes for which can donate Belarusian legal entities. These objectives are limited. For example, the purpose of supporting human rights work there. Virtually the only source of free receipt of funds for NGOs — is personal individual donations. Also there is a ban on business activities of NGOs since 2005.
It turns out that the Belarusian NGOs and funds can not get, and the government asks of them the highest rent that they have to pay to have the address of Law. Because the Belarusian situation is exceptional and slightly Kafkaesque. "
What are the consequences this decree?
Karbalevich: "In Belarus, written in 2255 by NGOs. How many of them will be required to be liquidated, then how many remain decree? Should read about the dangers around the third sector in Belarus?"
Pant: "It is a threat to all. But our government is very selective refers to various NGOs. For example, if the organization does not do anything or doing what is profitable authorities, it may not ask about the address legal, it can not pay the rent.
But organizations such as ours, have already sent 3 months from the executive committee paper that on April 24, we have to pay 10 euros per 1 square meter. We are obliged to close his own office in Soligorsk, because the richest company in Belarus "Belaruskali" also billed us for cabinet 10 euro. "

Yuri ChausovChausov: "The decree appeared six months back. Many organizations protested. And the authorities were obliged to admit that there is a problem. Department of Justice appealed to the Office of Presidential Affairs with a proposal to resolve the possibility of granting preferential coefficients rental. After hundreds of organizations on the brink of
existence. Among them are many organizations non-politicized, perform the functions of the country. And when they’re finished there, the state will have to take on this work, spend money, and others.
At the moment, not enough of the NGOs who found a cheap room over, for example, for personal landlords. Weave organizations to be in limbo. I do not think that the Ministry of Justice, the provincial Department of Justice will begin mass liquidation of NGOs who have not paid rent. But in this limbo organization will lose the ability to produce some kind of activity. "

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