Doctors forbade S.Parsyukevicha mom to go to tribunal

Correspondent Radio Liberty asked her mother Vera Parsukevich businessman, whether it will go on Tribunal over offspring.
"Going to, but I was very jumped pressure, and the doctor had forbidden to go. After all, something can happen, and that then the offspring do? That he would be judged, it is unfair. His own first brought into a separate room, there began to thrash and choke nearly destroyed. Obviously, he defended himself. And now for this trial? He wished to make such "lynching." And does the president that we have is going to jail? "
Vera Parsyukevich says that was against the order to the offspring went to Minsk on business meeting.
"But he said, that his friends sent it such a mission. He always helped everybody and nobody was hurt. Believe that it should be freed, he is innocent."
Faith Parsukevich 71 years. She participant consequences of the Chernobyl tragedy. As a result of those events has received a blood disease, but disability is not taken, because I had to resign from the service. Now regrets because "life has become quite heavy, and not so long ago seized all the benefits." Sergei’s father died four Parsiukevich year reversed after an unsuccessful operation.

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