Does Belarus Standards Council?

Official dealer of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Belarus Andrei Popov first emphasizes Belarus — one of the founding countries of the United Nations. And it imposes on her special responsibilities:
"At the present stage of a lot of attention in the activities of the Belarusian consulate UN given implementation put forward by President of Belarus at the 2005 summit initiative to build a global partnership against slavery and human trafficking. Also, the development of cooperation with the United Nations Children’s Fund, the implementation of projects aimed at the education and health of babies in Belarus.
A special place in the consulate takes Chernobyl constant theme. At the initiative of Belarus General Assembly resolution often takes on enhanced coordination of efforts of international community in exploring mitigation to minimize the consequences of Chernobyl. "
Former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Andrei Sannikov believes that at the moment Belarus does not meet the standards of the founding members of the United Nations:
"We know that for violations Human Rights Belarus currently has appeared in a number of states are taken by special UN resolution. It is clear that in the reports, which are prepared by special rapporteurs of the UN in media freedom, for example, or the courts and judicial practice, Belarus is not mentioned as a reference country. It is believed that the practice does not meet the standards then the UN. This means, Belarus joined the countries that make prepyadstviya for the United Nations and do not help to solve them. "
International observer Roman Jacob draws attention to the fact that Belarus This time also achieved no meaningful assistance from the UN in the Chernobyl disaster. Interfere with this very act such influential international organizations such as the IAEA. Overcome the impact of the IAEA Belarus was would be easier if she had the status of a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council. But that Belarus can not reach, emphasizes the novel Jacob:
"Belarus, in my memory, twice claimed the status of a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council. And in both cases inferior — first the Czech Republic, and then — Bulgaria. Why did it happen? From my perspective, it also reflects that, to put it mildly, diversified foreign policy, essentially a policy of self-isolation of the official Minsk. "

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