Does fear of U.S. missiles in Minsk?

Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the 12th convocation Mieczyslaw Mushroom sure: South American measures do not affect the state of the Belarusian Security. They are not focused on attack and on defense, emphasizes general Mushroom:
"Belarus, if so read, you can get it from other parts of the world, more distant. And you do not need to put missiles on the border with Belarus.
I think there is no specific issues. But based on the beliefs of today’s political situation in Belarus, you can imagine what will cry danger to the West. "
Chairman of the Commission of the Council of the Republic on international affairs and national security Nikolai Cherginets believes that Belarus should not lose care. He refers to the fact after combining 2-parts of Germany urged the West: more eastward moving NATO will not. But in fact happened differently, emphasizes general Cherginets:
"I personally believe — quite locate elements of a missile defense system in Europe is there a tremendous desire to expand there and gun offensive nature. Smuschyatsya We do not need to read about it, to express their concerns, seek clarity."
Political scientist Vyacheslav Pozniak considers: a solution that took in Bucharest, should be treated relaxed:
"I think the specific threats Belarus is decision does not bear. First, since the systems that will be deployed, not offensive, and defensive.
If the Belarusian authorities are so very concerned about the dangers of some of NATO, then, figuratively speaking, a big threat to This is the meaninge Belarus — very bad state of relations with the countries of the North Atlantic Alliance. This is perhaps the most formidable question which goes to the first plan, open a discussion if aspects of the third position area of defense in Europe next to Belarus. "

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