Does the salami method inside the opposition?

Tsigankov: "How serious is this" disease "inside zvadak opposition? Can it be considered a major for the democratic forces?"
Klaskouski: "Indeed, this is a big problem and a permanent democratic movement. From time to time you can hear — say, then, they are Democrats, that was pluralism. But almost always impossible to read about any ideological differences. It is about a clash of personal ambitions and time times just the obvious struggle for resources.
Look: we have three social democratic parties and now begin to create their faction inside. I think that to find here some aspects of the program is unrealistic.
Plus apart from all the rest — and the work of the security services is also felt. They say that they have even such expression profiles — "salami method". In other words, the party crumble into small pieces. Of course, nothing decent to the democratic movement in such phenomena do not. "
Tsigankov: "You mentioned the specific characteristics This process, but can you name the conflicts inside the Belarusian opposition to some unique phenomenon? Or studying political processes, we can say that the parties other states the same processes occur? "
Klaskouski: "It is necessary to talk about the specifics of authoritarian states, particularly those where the opposition is largely marginalized. Since she knocked out in public policy, it is obliged to engage in such" sublimation ", focuses on" vnutryvidavay "struggle. Since its real resources are very limited , and then this occasion the fight starts.
On the other hand, Ukrainian and Serbian opposition were time scattered. But there comes a moment when they felt that now can be hit on the system, they very quickly combined and concentrated. Because you can not read, that is a curse on the Belarusian opposition. Just apparently not yet come. "

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