Drilling censorship in cable networks

Package of cable television "Cosmos TV" in Minsk lost just three channels are popular — "24DOK" that specialized in showing documentary films, comic NST channel and the channel "Phoenix Art", which were serials. In the web on the web site of the "Cosmos TV" indicated that "Broadcast discontinued from circumstances beyond the control of the company," and instead identified other channels will transmit the number of candidates for inclusion in the package.
Who initiated the urgent "edit" package "Cosmos TV"? On the company’s Web site is located a letter Deputy Chairman Minsk City Executive Committee Misha Tityankova. City bureaucrat reports that former agreed to show 3 channels are void.
What was the prerequisite configurations, the letter indicated. In the management ideology of the executive committee does not comment on the circumstances of the refusal. Meanwhile, According to unofficial sources, the authorities did not like the fact that illegal channels showed the movie "Ordinary President" Yuri Khaschevatsky. The creator of the movie version of itself does not preclude:
"I also channel" 24DOK "disabled. This in Belarus do not the first time. Year and a half reverse channel disconnected in Bobruisk, during almost showing my film" Ordinary President ".
Yuri Khaschevatsky said that his movies for broadcasting cable channels they paid him, and he declared this income to the tax office. Because of their loss is not particularly recognizable documentary experiencing because "the facilities were small." After 1997, when unknown beat Yuri Khaschevatsky in his studio, the home of the director is not uncommon with adversity.
"Delete" kinadavednika on Belarus to work here do not give a name banned. But I do not think they’re ugly, on the contrary. Already as merit wear what you touched them really. "
In the documentary film "Ordinary President" Yuri Khaschevatsky in a special manner knows about Alexander Lukashenko and his policies in the first years of his presidency. After "Ordinary President" Yuri Khaschevatsky took a number of films about the events in Belarus, among which One of the most recognizable — "Area", dedicated to the events on the October Square after 2006 presidential election. As "Ordinary President", the movie "Space" Belarusian authorities prohibited. Documentary filmmaker Leonid Mindlin believes that the authorities against repression movies Yuri Khaschevatsky only added to their popularity:
"I think, who want to, will see. For now, there is not only the TV, but there is also a web and DVD-drives. "

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