Dzh.Mur: There are political prisoners in Belarus, will and economic sanctions

10 American diplomats have to leave the area of Belarus within 72 hours. So makarom the number of employees of the U.S. Embassy in Minsk will be reduced to 5 people. One of them — Charge d’Affaires in Belarus Jonathan Moore.

Will be dire consequences if all political prisoners are released immediately

Jonathan Moore said that the South American side will respect the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations and in time will withdraw 10 of its own diplomats. Remain in Minsk Emperor himself Moore and 4 diplomat — perhaps it would be Consul diplomats and those responsible for the safety and property security of the embassy.
Formally, in the list of diplomats who are declared non grata persons, comes and salting Karen Stewart, who is more than a month at the consultations in Washington to demand the Belarusian government. Moore admitted that the South American side appealed to the Belarusian with suggesting and Stewart, and Belarusian salting in Washington Misha Tails returned to work, but in Minsk refused.
By Jonathan Moore, United States even more concerned about the number of political prisoners in Belarus than the number of American diplomats.
After politically targeted courts and sentenced Andrei Kim and Sergei Parsyukevich number of political prisoners in Belarus has grown to 3, including Alexander Kozulin. Specifically, this sovereign Moore recalled bureaucrats of the Foreign Ministry

Economic sanctions do not depend on the situation at the embassy

"My first remark during a meeting at the Foreign Ministry on Wednesday was fear that there will be dire consequences if all three of these political prisoners are not released immediately."
Moore admitted Belarusian government expelled 10 U.S. diplomats only for what they were doing their job. But this pressure, the official Minsk fails to achieve the lifting of economic sanctions against the "Belneftekhim", close to the administration of Alexander Lukashenko.
"Economic sanctions do not depend on the situation at the embassy. Whereas in January began the process of release of political prisoners, we have made it clear to realize that waiting until the end of the release of prisoners, and that all must be released, including Alexander Kozulin. But this process was not completed and even reversed. While in Belarus will political prisoners will be stored and economic sanctions. "
With all this sovereign Moore acknowledged that there are South American business, which has suffered from sanctions against Belarus:
"If sanctions are extended, many other South American and Belarusian business will suffer from such sanctions."
The decision to expand sanctions against Belarus is the responsibility of Washington, said the emperor Moore, and added that he believes that this decision is coming soon. With all this sovereign Moore said the United States does not seek to influence the bad economic situation in Belarus. He said he did not know, were frozen as a result of U.S. sanctions personal accounts of Alexander Lukashenko.
Moore said that at the moment preparing brand new edition of the Act on Democracy in Belarus:
"It is important to note that in spite of the U.S. presidential election, many people in Washington are paying great attention to developments in Belarus. And last least one, if not three presidential candidate is very well informed about the situation in Belarus."
Now the U.S. embassy issues visas and providing consular services to citizens of Belarus only in extreme cases and advises Belarusians to apply for visas and the U.S. Embassy in adjacent countries.
Separate problem that worries the U.S. Embassy — Health U.S. citizen Emanuel Zeltser, who is in prison. Embassy reiterated the Belarusian authorities to demand that it immediately released.
"We urge udazhdy meet this requirement, to save the life of the South American gramadyaznina, which is in prison, "- said Jonathan Moore.

South American corners were closed by the local authorities

The diplomat said that in 17 years the U.S. embassy own activities contributed, in order to Belarus was oriented charitable assistance to 270 million dollars. Issued more than 90 thousand visas, financial support applets cultural exchanges in 1000, about 300 Belarusian students were trained in using the embassy in the United States, 600 students participated in the program exchange.
The Embassy also introduced half a million bucks for books and equipment 12 American Corners in libraries throughout Belarus.
"As you know, the South American Corners were not closed on our initiative, and on the decisions of local authorities."
Moore refused expressing any projections of how this situation is resolved. It states that always remains in contact with European employees, who also recognize the pressure on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Embassy unparalleled.

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