E.Soloveva: If you love Belarus, which can be horror?

The greatest punishment for this charge — up to 2 years imprisonment.
After the verdict Kasia Solovyov responded to questions from "Freedom".
Correspondent"You are afraid that you can give two years of imprisonment?"
Solovyov"Do not be afraid. Believe that at the moment the authorities are not worth the risk to put the lady behind bars and thus sever all business with the West. Currently just not the economic situation in our country to take on this responsibility, the risk" .
Correspondent"You walked without fear this process?"
Solovyov"If you love Belarus, which can be horror? If you are sure that you go to the right path, then there is no fear and unrest can not be.
The only thing I was worried that there will be many people and all you heed. I do not like public speaking. "
Correspondent"In your statement in court what was the main idea?"
Solovyov, "I said, that" Young Front "is, of course, may not be registered organization, but a couple of times members of the" Young Front "tried to register. In other words, do not seem to like, but it came out so Makar. I read that the organization exists by Christian principles, can not be destructive temper. "
Correspondent"As your ancestors reacted to what you are going to the tribunal that they uttered to you?"
Solovyov"I do not think they were very worried. They always taught me from childhood, that the main thing that was human dignity. It is more precious than life."
Correspondent"At first, your ancestors were not included in the process. You saw it?"
Solovyov"Of course, at first they were not allowed. We passed a few people quickly in a small room, although it was promised that the hall will be enormous. And later the police began at the entrance, and even my parents were not allowed. U.S. diplomats. They have later gone" .
Correspondent"During the process, that impressed you most?"
Solovyov"I was shocked. How so? In the main were those materials that do not have any work to the organization" Young Front ". Various newspapers. Also entry in his diary:" But I will do everything that depends on me to kill this regime. " I asked what kind of regime did, and what and how you wanted to kill. I said that this is the record to "Malady Front" has no case.
Almost everything was just far-fetched. Even the church newspaper "Ray" as testified against me. I even tried not just for his role in an unregistered organization, but for the fact that I plainclothes active position. "
Correspondent"How do you think, why so quickly ended the process?"
Solovyov"Certainly, some places had already decided what sentence to give me."
Correspondent"The feeling of weakness, for sure. From what you more tired now?"
Solovyov"I came to the tribunal — already sluggish. I wanted to sleep, and would have. Much has been questions about the newspapers, who did not want to respond. After all, they had no case to case. Them I read, read, and the prosecutor, and the arbitrator .. . And they did not listen. "
Correspondent"Did you feel the support of their own like-minded?"
Solovyov"People almost condoled me. After the break, when we went into the room, immediately heard the cries of" Long live Belarus! "," Power — the people! Youth — freedom! "And everything else."
Correspondent"First, what will you do after the trial?"
Solovyov"With the help of other members of the organization to unite" Young Front "in the Vitebsk region to find a strategy. Maybe make committee" Young Front "and plan our activities. Also travel around the region. Also, we will provide the appeal from the judgment in Vitebsk Regional Tribunal" .
Month reverse Solovevoj Catherine was 20 years old. And in January 2008, was expelled from the lady in Polotsk Municipal Institute, where she studied at the 2 course of History and Philology.
About Catherine Solovyov for yourself read to reporters: "I — a believer who loves his homeland." Woman became active in "Young Front", as this divides the objectives of the organization and its values — faith in God and love for Belarus.
This is the second criminal case against the activists. First, in 2008 she was found guilty of causing political graffiti. After a day or Will Kasia Solovyov was punished 5 days of administrative arrest for his role in an unauthorized march.

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