Ebert Foundation reserves Minsk

It was the only officially registered foreign political fund, which was in place from 1997.
Managing branch accredited in Belarus Consulate FES Sergey Anatskaya in an interview with Radio Liberty, said:
"This is first due to the fact that conditions have changed. In including Belarusian legislation changed, because the fund should be locked. There is such a document as the "Regulation on the establishment" in the near future, it has changed. Other words, if earlier needed, so that the Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of Justice or Tribunal perceived the decision to close the organization, but now it turns out that special solutions do not need to take. And if the term has expired, the machine is considered closed consulate. Because the fund itself obliged to begin the process of closing. All documents have been prepared, they were served, but we got no response. "
Response to its own request sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the fund expected more 2 years.
MFA to our request not been explained, with reasons why the fund has not been extended Ebert official registration.
Friedrich Ebert Foundation supported in Belarus as a huge number of contacts with public organizations and municipal agencies. For non-governmental organizations and official agencies often organized seminars and roundtables. So, last year, the fund management organized in Minsk dispute memory Federal German President Rau Yaganesa why in Belarus wasand invited well-known politicians, namely the Prime Minister of Brandenburg Matthias Plyatsek.
Then, in October 2007, Minsk visited by the head of the Regional consular Dr. Stephan Chrobot. In a debate in Germany participated salting Belarus Gerhart Weiss, spoke to the gathering of foreign Affairs Minister of Belarus Sergei Martynov. Then this fact was regarded as another symbol of positive change in the European political vector official Minsk.
The Regional office Ebert Foundation in Ukraine, where the coordinated activities of the Minsk consulate configurations not endured.
Consulate of German fund with the main cabinet works in Berlin over in Sotk countries in the world. The Kyiv branch office closing process Ebert Foundation called "offensive Belarus fact. "" Change the criterion in Belarus and political steps have led authorities to the fact that the need to close the consulate became inevitable, "- said in vserasprostranennom now press release Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

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