Editor Newspapers Slonim finds protection from readers

A few weeks back the "heavy" refused to renew the lease contract without any explanation.
"Trying to find space even private owners do not work all refuse," — says Victor Volodoschuk.
In a letter to the editor readers recalls that for the past 2 years newspaper is not included in the catalog subscription "Belposhta" and is sold in kiosks "Belsayuzdruk" since the contract was not extended. Not so long ago on the oral order local officials forbade the newspaper to sell in stores.
And on the days of the editor received a warning letter inappropriate license for a small trade (newspaper distributed personal persons) and the risk to cancel the license.
Victor Volodoschuk convinced that the newspaper deliberately destroyed. Because the last thing he was going to do — ask readers, they need paper. The editor offers direct letters to editors, and send SMS messages with your own ideas for this occasion. Messages will be posted.
The editor also recalls the story of the newspaper and writes that in 1938 it had already closed, but history has left the names of those who did. On This time editor promised to publish the names of all those involved in the closure of the newspaper. "History and descendants should know their names," — writes Victor Volodoschuk.
Let me remind you that the deadline for tenancy in the wording ends June 1. "Newspaper Slonim" — the last is independent of socio-political newspaper in Grodno region. Tags: Slonim, Volodoschuk, gazeia

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