El Pais: FARC tried to purchase a weapon in Belarus

"President Chavez led a discussion with the Belarusian authorities on the ability of an instrument to send the rebels," — said on Saturday the Spanish newspaper "El País".
The computer killed in March 1st of the rebel Raul Reyes favorites preserved electric letter Ivan Marquez, manager of the rebel movement, dated February 8 2008. The newspaper quoted partly coded letter:
"Belarusian friend invited him to process the packet by a dark market, in order to avoid problems. 17th of this month in Caracas arrive highest representative of the other, to clarify the list. Angel asked us to be, in order to personally meet with a delegate. This is fundamentally".
"Angel — Chavez Alias ", the newspaper said."Friend — This Sheiman, Secretary of the Security Council of Belarus and is very close to Alexander Lukashenko stated. Sheiman was one of those who promoted the contracts for the supply guns to Venezuela amounting to 720 million euros, which were signed in Last year "- Says the newspaper.
Recall that took place on February 15-19 official visit to Venezuela Belarusian delegation headed by the municipal secretary of the Security Council Viktor Sheiman.
According to «El País», computer messages mentioned other likely sources of supply tools (namely, surface to air missiles) to the rebels in including and through the Australian traffickers.
Meanwhile, in an interview with "The Wall Street Journal" Venezuelan salting in the United States Bernardo Alvarez said that found in computer files R.Reesa — fake and "are an attempt to discredit the Venezuelan government."
At the same time, U.S. intelligence officials told the newspaper that acquired convinced of the authenticity of computer files that indicate the connection between closely Chavez and Colombian rebels.
The rebel movement has been fighting for 40 years. Initially stood behind him armed wing of the Communist Party, but over time it became obvious that the rebels sank to drug trafficking and banditry, the Communists broke with the FARC.
In response to reports of Belarusian mass media publications in "El País", Security Council Secretariat referred to the newspaper "speculation."


"Lightly attention given on various conjectures, which is connected to the spread of printing and the Spanish "- so the press service of the Municipal Secretariat of the Security Council BelaPAN Comment out the message" El Pais ".

Representatives of the Belarusian Security Council referred to the prevention of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, which read, that the United States was developing an attachment to such psevdakampramatu media to discredit Venezuela management.

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