Election rules remain old?

The State Executive Committee sent more than a month to reverse the chairman of the House of Representatives Vadim Popov proposals for configurations in the Electoral Code. And then came the reply signed by the deputy chairman of the committee on municipal construction, local government regulations and Ivan Semenenya. The essence of the answer: the House is not going to do it, — said Anatoly Lebedko.
Funny day earlier Belarusian Central Election Commission also practically refused opposition politicians in their proposals for the implementation practice of electoral legislation. Chairman of the State Executive Committee commented:
"These responses one way or another degree — a litmus test. Since the samples were taken to change as the legislation itself and the practice of its implementation. And in both cases we got the same answer, which fits into the format of 1st word — "no". For us very principle was specifically to get these answers at the moment, so adjust the strategy and the strategy of the campaign. If no configurations legislation it means, that the House of Representatives are not elected but appointed. "
Political scientist Vladimir Rovdo said: such responses imperative structures — a reaction to the wrong strategy of democratic forces. It is oriented, emphasizes the political scientist, a dialogue with the authorities:
"And these authorities understand only pressure. Only street mobilization, only work with the population, when he was talking in plain language when allocated socio-economic requirements, can bring success. If the opposition opposes measures in time mode to abolish privileges. And if to ordinary people have a very common idea that specifically protects their opposition to economic and social interests. the only way to raise the people to protest. "
Now the protests turned into "a funny thing," said political analyst Vladimir Rovdo:
"And this government realize that especially true last showed" Chernobyl Way ". They do not prevent — let the opposition plays towards Bangalore Square with flowers, flags, drums … After all, such people do not fully share trevozhut.
Because at the moment, I think you must not discard a hundred percent strategy, and take from it a positive thing. And this — role in the election campaign. Need to accord a day or bring the matter to a vote. And collectively withdraw their own candidates. After everything else — it is a farce. And we beheld this farce more than once. "Tags: Lebedko Rovdo, legislation, selective

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