End quote: 29.03. — 04.04.2008

"She tried to explain that she had come to the meeting with the media to make a purchase for the next day, but the funds have been placed in 100 thousand, which obviously shows that for the purposes for which they were intended."
Interior Minister Vladimir Naumov — Natalia Yasevich on that March 25 went to the police together with the detainees at the demonstration offspring, having for myself about 8 million rubles to pay for silicate blocks for building a house.
"Today, those 30-40 people made a huge deal: we retook the square. Was fundamentally psychologically, when the power is practically drowned in blood rally on March 25, still come and say that there are people who are not warped. "
Anatoly Lebedko, chairman of the United Civil Party — about an unsanctioned rally on October Square on March 30.
"I do not think Americans are durachiny, so break the case with us. But if they do, then we have nothing to lose, will lose most of America, it is no connection, no impact, no disk imaging will not have to Belarus."
Sergei Kastsyan, member of the House of Representatives — on the Belarusian-American diplomatic crisis.
"If the lid on the pan very snuggled, it does not mean that people obey: they have their worldview. Getting stronger. That is very serious and rapidly, even reactive. ‘Cause I really far from thinking that the government is on the right path, if it holds cover, allowing nothing. This can only lead to an explosion. unsafe not only for power, but — for the entire country. "

Hraznova people, politician and human rights activist, public editor of Liberty this week — on their own impressions of campaign trips to Belarus together with Alexander Milinkevich.
"I do not care, frankly. As one government that two independent. Unless it concerns me?"
Minsk guy — in answer to the question of Freedom "you want to union between Belarus and Russia?"
"The regime in the colonies became more rigid so that the smallest mistake can cost you dearly staff colony. Only for the fact that in the difficult time of my life, February 10, political officer, Lieutenant Colonel colony Klim Koval gave me the opportunity to call home to talk to his wife seriously unhealthy, it almost fired from his job. immediately sent him on vacation, from which, as pronounced, it shall not return. There is evidence that going against him a criminal investigation. And this was my last conversation with his wife. Koval did everything humanly and did not violate the law. "
Alexander Kozulin, the last presidential candidate, enclosed colony "Vitsba-3" — in a letter to his family.
"All the Baltic countries do piously U.S. demands, even if they are illegal … now the main thing — that the European Union has not joined the U.S. sanctions."

Prokopovich, Chairman of the State Bank — the refusal of banks to serve Lithuanian branch "Belneftekhim" in connection with South American sanctions against this concern.
"I think that such a reaction of the Belarusian authorities on sanctions against" Belneftekhim ", we are looking at, of course indicates that these sanctions are. We believe that this is an inadequate response, but still completely clear that sanctions have a very strong effect."
Robert Bowman, director of the U.S. State Department for Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine — in response to the question "Freedom" about the effectiveness of sanctions against the "Belneftekhim".
"We need to think about strengthening our borders, our armed forces. They must be in constant combat readiness, to feel the pulse of not only the country. Our army — the only thing that now is in the west of the Union of Belarus and Russia, and we are bound by a contract with Russia. contract with Russia — a sacred thing. We have to do it, as does our homeland, providing us with a reliable shield, including nuclear. "
Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus — at a meeting in the combat training of the Armed Forces of Belarus.
"Today we have agreed that these countries will become members of NATO. We support the appeal of these states for a Plan of Action. At this point we begin saturated consultations with both countries at the highest political level to address the issues that remain. We asked the foreign affairs ministers of NATO member states to make a first assessment of the progress of these countries in this direction in December 2008. "
Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, NATO Secretary General — the decision of the alliance summit on Georgia and Ukraine. Tags: quote of the week, 29.03., 04.04.2008 —

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