Equipment remains in the prosecution of journalists

Recall: the KGB after a search in the offices of "Radio Radio Station", "Euro radio Belarus"Broadcaster" Belsat "took away computers and carriers of information. They had a search warrant prosecutor in a criminal case filed in 2005 for innuendo Alexander Lukashenko.
Technique, which took during a search of journalists by investigators will inspect for signs of creation and dissemination toons political content. According to the deputy prosecutor of Minsk Alexei Stuk, investigators had information that journalists collaborated with the creators of cartoons and the organization of "third way."
August 16, 2005 KGB officers searched the apartments of the initiative "third way" Pavel Morozov, Andrew and Oleg Minich Obozova. The searches were carried out in the framework of criminal proceedings for contempt of Alexander Lukashenko. The grounds were cartoons political content posted on the organization’s Web site. KGB officers seized 16 computers and carriers of information. Involved in the case have gone abroad.
Technology is in the prosecutor’s office.
Under the law, the inspector may, at the place where the search are to determine: take vehicles or restrict on-site inspection. Technology may temporarily remain in detention until will be accepted solution — throw it in as evidence, or return the holder to issue tribute way and quit before the trial.
Lawyer Pavel Morozov Vera Stramkouskaya a couple of times to apply to take away the property returned to owners.
"Those who conducted the investigation and took away this technique must be any reason. They should motivate it something. If it belongs to the personal parties, they can not help others to deal with complaints and petitions, that they all returned. Brings with it on the basis of documents or any other evidence. "
Things (in including laptop) Alexander Atroschankau seized last year during the search, also to This time remain in the KGB.
Although almost two 10-ka Minsk and regional journalists were left without technology, but all offices where searches were carried out, resumed their work on the same day or the next day.
Journalist "Radio Radio Station" Constantine said Vansyatski "Freedom":
"The techniques we had not so much, and all of it was ancient. Documents because it long ago lost. We, unfortunately, will not be able to challenge the prosecutor’s office, so we returned it. On the other hand, there were people, and these people willing to continue to work. How it would be in any form — do not know yet. I think that lately we still try to get accreditation for at least 1 second journalist to be able to work legally. Let’s see what we will answer MFA. "
Observers believe that the attempt to immobilize the work of journalists for a long time failed. Broadcasting resumed almost a few hours.

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