EU suffers misfortune in Belarus

This was reported in Thursday adopted a yearly report of the European Parliament, which is contained in the analysis of Human Rights in the world, as European policy in this area.
The creators of the report with regret in Belarus Recorded just only 5 human rights organizations that the authorities "constantly trying to intimidate these groups and keep them under control." Coupled with the fact, the report says, they refused registration civilian other human rights initiatives.
MEPs require Belarusian authorities finish targeted arrests and politically motivated persecution of human rights defenders and activists civilian society in Belarus. MPs stress that they outraged by the actions regime against the opposition. These measures are increasingly resemble periodic insult opposition representatives. As an example, seems nedavneshnee detention winner of the Sakharov Prize European Milinkevich. As thesmiling in the report, "unfortunately, the EU showed no success in improving Human Rights in Belarus. "

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