Europe cut off from us visas cost 60 euros …

Two months back, when from prison to freedom one by one ahead of political prisoners came out, many thought that the prisoners for political reasons soon does not remain. And then start a real dialogue with the Belarusian authorities West. In reality, but came out on the other. Alexander Kozulin and other policies remain in jail, and courts continue to consider criminal charges for his role in the protests and political activity on behalf of unregistered organizations.
On this topic — many letters in the mail Liberty.
Here is what we Ales Sekerka of Molodechno district:
"So ended the game with the West. All we came back to the same place where they were previously. Lukashenko and his ministers in Europe and America can not ride, and us mere mortals, there is not much to expect. According to another would not shut out the Schengen visa costs 60 euros. And that still try to get a visa: the legs spend searching for documents yes ezdyachy in Minsk.
Proud of our guys and fearless girls who, despite all the intimidation, threats and harassment go to the tribunal, in jail, but not bow their heads to violence. We at one time were different. Were sitting quietly, afraid, did not know anything. Sorry for all the young people just do not like that. Most of obediently takes BRYU sits at the corners, zhluktsits beer. Among themselves complain about life, laugh at the meaninglessness of such authority, but to do something on their own for their own coming — it is not. And why are they? "

— Wrote in his own letter to the "Freedom" Ales Sekerka of Molodechno district.
Maybe it takes the example of young people with their parents, who, like you, sire Sekerka rightly mentioned in the letter, writing about his own generation, "were sitting quietly, afraid and did not know anything." Although, let’s be fair, and in those days there were people that they knew and were not afraid, and were sitting quietly …
The fate of political perspectives and political prisoner Alyaksandr Kozulin argues in his own letter to the "Freedom" Ales Martinovic from Baranovichi. He writes:
"During his own non-long three-day stay on the loose in Minsk Kazulin in a new, reworked form. Swap He called himself initially, and later have to think about the course of the West, the European Union, expressed the idea of the suspicious cases to the classical-revivalist ideology of anti-Russian opposition. It’s clear: such people own ideological platform is unlikely to meet 100 percent of most of today’s opposition (which BNF — energayadro).
…During the 2006 elections Kozulin, in fact, was not around in his own plate. He frondiroval style Zhirinovsky, but it does not pass in the provincial (relative Moscow) political culture of Belarus. Immediately he was not inclined to adhere strictly to the Baltic and Central European vector of the classical opposition. And with all this is false hope in the halo of the sufferer, whom he met as a favorite when he returns on the white stallion. But it — unusual for Belarusian abyvatalstva mind. In general, it is not clear and that give way to the leader as such favorites as Milinkevich and Liabedzka "

— So says Ales Martynovich from Baranovichi.
While more and more urgent for the Belarusian opposition question — not about the political prospects Alexander Kozulin and his release from jail. The last presidential candidate remains in custody for more than 2 years. There stood languid hunger strike every day faced with mental pressure, with biased attitude of the prison administration. Against the background of current events in Belarus and its premature release of other political prisoners, which not so long ago looked quite possible and high-spirited, has now appeared again under a huge issue.
Davneshny each of Liberty Konstantin Syrel with Ushachi in their own brand new vorachivaetsya letter to the dramatic stories that happened in the past year in his town. He writes:
"How many are now in our country inhuman tortures, broken life and injury of eight indefinite boy? How much grief and tears of his unfortunate parents? Quite negligible — only one million rubles. This — the average monthly wage inhabitant of our capital.
Last fall, in one of his own letters to Radio Liberty, I spoke about the disaster that occurred in our regional center.
In the courtyard of the 1st of five-story building on Komsomolskaya Street kids played, swinging on a swing. Loose swing overturned and broke both legs eight-little boy.
Mikolka (the name of the boy) already walks, but very poorly. About to run, no question. The road to the football field or hockey rink closed for him. They say it correctly zraslisya bones need an easy surgery. Does it give off — is unclear. Maybe the boy is crippled for life, for him to be out of reach not only sports games, and many male profession.
Not so long ago held the tribunal that sentenced Kolenka parents pay one million rubles. Have found not guilty, and the "scapegoat" now "assign" failed. For the discussions about how the investigation was conducted and how the tribunal held, I will not say as yet "vpayayuts" 100 years in innuendo on our most "fair" world power "-

— Wrote in his own letter to the "Freedom" Konstantin Syrel with Ushachi.
Let’s compare this compensation for municipal services of eight boy injury compensation to those who have sued the Belarusian independent newspapers senior bureaucrats — for what journalists Tipo hurt their honor and dignity. So: Sue Secretary of the Security Council Viktor Sheiman to the newspaper "Announcements" and journalist Sergei Anisko — about 50 thousand dollars; lawsuit former chairman of the State Control Committee Anatoly A.Tozik to the newspaper "Our liberty" and journalist Misha Podolyaka — about 56 thousand dollars; lawsuit deputy of the National Assembly Sergei Haidukevich to the newspaper "Narodnaya Volya" — about 45 thousand dollars.
It turns out that life and health of your baby Tribunal estimated at more than 100 times below the disturbed feelings endowed with great power chief. Does anyone still questions about the independence of the courts and the level of Chiefs of morality?
About the origins of catastrophic incidents and security environment in which people live in Belarus, says in his own letter to the "Freedom" inventor Vladimir crustacean from Minsk. He writes:
"First of March next one Belarusian television as truth without result sought lady whose daughter suffered from electric shock. Turned electrician clutter. And bear the consequences of some accidents.
In my family there was once a similar catastrophe in Vitebsk killed 15-year-old granddaughter because the electrical wires are also confused, was not zazyamlennya. My attempt to notify such cases to prevent deaths in similar situations ended abundance formal replies from different institutions. In all these people unsubscribe death — not a word, but in a soothing ending reported that the system meets the requirements. And what requirements — this is not write. Maybe this is the brand new development, which boast of power? In the absence of logic, you can agree with it. But I — for logic, without progress can not be realized "

— Wrote in his own letter to the "Freedom" Vladimir Rachok from Minsk.
Rules, regulations and guidelines for such cases is written and approved by a huge amount, sire crustacean. Gaps not. Another thing is that unscrupulous electrician who wires confused or indifferent mechanic who fixed the wrong baby swing in the yard Usha home to numerous annotations and those directives do not really pay attention to. In part — because they work so long ago, negligence — in an evil tradition. But not least for the reason that the responsibility for the tragedy often incommensurable with its consequences. Case with
Ushachy little boy in this sense — very soft-spoken.
At the end — kutsee letter Maria Eremenko from Minsk on sectarians who had taken refuge in a cave near Penza, waiting for doomsday. Listener wrote:
"Almost everything is depending on your, journalists, and awareness of the need neminuchastsi zag population earth to God, not to man’s very existence was interrupted.
And if we become smarter? As in the days of righteous Noah people do not understand him when he was building the ark for the salvation of God’s wrath, and at the moment people do not understand the righteous, who fled from the wrath of the Almighty under the earth "

— Wrote Maria Eremenko from Minsk.
Wrath of God and doomsday cultists not waited, but from the flood caused by the collapse of the vaults were injured.
Let me remind you: in November 2007, 35 people, including several people with children in Belarus, closed in a cave in Russia, near Penza. Now most of them left their hiding place. RFE carefully spoke about this situation and continues to look for her.
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