Exercise «Kavkaz-2012» and foreign reaction

All current week in the plans of the Ministry of Defence is reserved for command and staff exercise «Kavkaz-2012». The events continuing series of large exercises involving troops of the Southern Military Area, as representatives of the High Command. To «Caucasus-2012» is to develop interaction and improve the ability of troops fighting at all levels of the armed forces of infantry squad to command military district. Platform for exercises steel polygons Raevski Ashuluk, Kapustin Yar and Prudboy. Acts at various landfills in accordance with the start-up of activities and assume the role of those or other arms. Similarly, different and combat training tasks tasking army units.

An idea of ​​the course of the exercises «Kavkaz-2012» can be an example of the first events of a day or — 17 September. First episode was fighting training on the range Raevskaya near Novorossiysk. At the command Fri exercises control exercises attended the Chief of Staff Nikolai Makarov, President Vladimir Putin, Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, commanders of troops, journalists and foreign observers.

According to the first scenario, a day or exercises, hypothetical opponents — «Southern» — dropped own landing at Cape Small Utrish. Two of his team must break into the defensive orders «Nordic» (if I may say so, our), divide them and kill. The ultimate goal of this is to block the landing of the Black Sea Fleet. Defense of the coast land produce 58 Army and Air Force Command of the 4th Air Force and Air Defense. To deter an enemy they were also given a 19-th separate motorized rifle brigade. Specifically, before the approach forces «South» 19 separate brigade manages to make the forward position. With this step, the upcoming opponent fails to immediately find the right defense posture «Nordic» and, as a consequence, to keep the pace of the upcoming coming. The main task of the 19th Brigade is the binding of «Southern» battle and retreat with the following aim to lure the enemy to the main defensive positions «Nordic». Next defender will be able to hold the enemy’s flank and close working path using airborne landing in his rear.

Without waiting for the enemy to approach the advance team, airforce «Nordic» is applied first blow mixed aviation group consisting of bombers Su-24M and Su-25, including the latest versions of the Su-25SM. Aviation raided mobile command and control «of the South», as the two mechanized columns, moving to defensive positions «Nordic». Thanks to a first strike from the air coming assault lowers pace — intelligence «Nordic» reports the winding up a 10-ka combat vehicles. After the attack aircraft to the «meeting» enemy joins self-propelled artillery — Position «MSTA-S». Soon after the artillery fire «Southern» come under fire the nominated forward infantry units. This development forces landing striker urgently change your strategy coming.

«North», in turn, also decide certain measures tactical disposition. Leading Group under the cover of artillery begins to retreat deep into the coast. Soon after that self-propelled «MSTA-S» also go with their positions in order to avoid retaliation opponent. This tactical decision is a good result — «Southern» trying to catch up with the advanced group, but fall under attack helicopters from the flank. While attacking forces must become spread out and go blow the advanced group and artillery «Nordic» manages to break away from the pursuit and return to the position of the main line of defense. Returning, advanced group joins the tank and mechanized infantry their companies, along with which is preparing for rapid approach of the enemy. Go with this unit self-propelled guns «MSTA-S» constantly moves from one position to another and leads the advancing enemy shelling. This technique allows direct harm columns «Southern» and with all this not fall under the risk Counterbattery fire.

At this point in the battle enters aviation «South.» Unfortunately for their own ground forces, the majority of strike aircraft is shot down on approach to the position of «Nordic». Protect ground forces from air attack produce gunners working on complexes «Tunguska» and «Armour-C1.» Through their actions aviation «South» is not able to come to the defense orders «Nordic» a considerable distance. As for advancing ground forces, they are in the process of movement fall into manageable explosive obstacles, which also affects the quantity and high quality connection status. Realizing the plight of their own attacking subunits, which also constantly aggravated command «Southern» sends reinforcements — a company of troops. Since his landing is carried out on a relatively small distance from the strip specific collision planes and paratroopers themselves come under fire anti-aircraft machine guns infantry units. All reinforcement is destroyed in mid-air.

Live firing rocket complex «Caliber-NK» the ship «Dagestan»

Around this time the fight takes position temper. Force «Nordic» keep the defense and try to warn breakthrough «Southern» in the gaps between the positions of the individual units. «South», in turn, cause the aircraft again and deploy artillery battery. Second attempt an air strike ends liquidation several helicopters and airplanes and artillery «Nordic» manages to kill the enemy guns before they have time to cause tangible harm. In this step, Fri management exercises a command: complete fire, the gun discharged. Combat training programm first a day or Command Post Exercise «Kavkaz-2012» is over. After the event Mon was the awarding of President Vladimir Putin soldiers and officers who distinguished themselves during the maneuvers.

In subsequent training combats within maneuvers «Kavkaz-2012» took the role of Black Sea Fleet and the Caspian Flotilla. In addition, 18 and 19 September in amphibious operations by landing on unprepared infantry Coast attended three large landing ships of the Northern Fleet. September 20 at Kapustin Yar took another step exercises, during which ground units practiced blocking and liquidation of illegal armed groups in the criteria of the Community Fri

Job frogmen

Teachings of this magnitude take place in our country is not as often because always entice attention. Last, we have to admit, far not always produce specific expression. By some strange reason, the principal amount of the teachings of beliefs is a «polar» judgment: some shout omnipotent and invincible army, which has our homeland, while others boil down to the uselessness of all similar events, since all long gone and exercise — less than showing off in the eye. In addition, in the discussion of the event «Kavkaz-2012» theme often pops up policies and possible targets for trainees forces. Such statements, questions and presenting sound both abroad and within the country. Consider the few examples speak out so that a specific response to the maneuvers of the Southern Military Area.

Let’s start with the «internal» views. On September 20, the newspaper «Arguments of the week» has published an article with the bold title «Potemkin exercises for Supreme Commander.» Header clear about what this publication. The creator believes that training fights, flying aircraft and missile launches, as well as marines and cunning plans to lure the enemy into a conditional future boiler — the real show-off (particularly such term exists in the article), calculated only on the Supreme Commander. In support of this discrepancy is given the status of a strategic exercise to the real situation. According to the views of the creator of the publication, in the maneuvers «Kavkaz-2012» involved many people and technology, how much should be employed in the division level exercises. Accordingly, the activities can command and General of the Army, and not the chief of the General Staff. The article also quoted a former intelligence chief of the Siberian Military Area Major General S. Kanchukova. He believes that the exercise «Kavkaz-2012» held in a very lightweight and more like demonstrations. In addition, he criticizes the absence of any other role command of military districts and logistical services. Last, it should be noted trained slightly earlier.

The ship «Dagestan» missile «Caliber-NK» launches on the designated purposes

As we see, there are dissatisfied the exercises and even the peculiarities of their conduct. But a far greater interest is the reaction zabugornyh politicians. Work forces them to think broader, causing sometimes occur most notable thoughts. First «mark» Georgia. Minister of Foreign Affairs of that country G. Vashadze accused exercises «Caucasus-2012» in the development of danger for Georgia and for peace throughout the Caucasus region. As proof of his own words, he recalled the similar events held in the summer of 2008. According to official Tbilisi’s position, specifically the teachings of the Russian army became one of the causes of the war in South Ossetia. Such statements look, at least, surprising. But the Georgian Minister of Foreign Affairs is not alone in this worldview. The Estonian Defense Ministry W. Reinsalu absolutely agree with the possible threat of Russian maneuvers Caucasian country and even considers them an attempt to interfere in the internal affairs of Georgia. With regard to attempts to interfere in the internal politics of Tbilisi there are quite fascinating and relatively unpopular in certain circles outlook associated with the upcoming parliamentary elections. Tipo exercises designed to first show the Georgian population of the RF power and thus makarom hint at the need to choose candidates priklnnyh Moscow. Perhaps these points can not even comment.

Subject Relations between Russia and Georgia rises in yet other statements, by their creator is now an analyst at the royal Swedish Academy of Military Sciences K. Neretnieks. From his interview with the Latvian newspaper Latvijas Avize that the Baltic States should not worry and worry about the exercises in the south of Russia. At least, not yet. The analyst believes in the near future outlook of Moscow over the Baltic states may change if and Russian army will have friction at the borders of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. The so-called War 3 eights in this context as an example exists in Russian «aggression» against-independent states. In general, some policy states bordering Russia, at least, are afraid exercise «Kavkaz-2012», if not fear them.

Landing combat troops

More distant countries, as well as the management of international organizations, looks at Russian maneuvers even quieter. For example, NATO Secretary General AF Rasmussen openly states that the Union is not against the teachings. The only complaint — the openness of information. Our homeland since stopped its role in the agreement of the CFE Treaty, quantitative data on the composition and high-quality troops taking part in the exercises, limited only by the official press releases. For example, in the battles of the first training a day or «Caucasus 2012», according to the official disk imaging, attended by about 2-thousand people personnel, two hundredths units for sale and about 100 pieces of artillery. More specific number has not been announced. In addition, as is clear from the statements of the Georgian and Baltic politicians, official information regarding the objectives of the exercise are not satisfied with some neighbors of. Practically speaking, the reaction of the NATO Secretary General not only looks normal and balanced, but also is fully justified. Alliance holds frequent international exercises on a small distance from the Russian borders. Perturbation maneuvers «Kavkaz-2012» in this case would look another example of double standards.

Regardless of the reaction zabugornyh officials, professionals or journalists last teachings. Last training fights take place this Sunday. The next few weeks will go to the analysis of the collected info and production of various councils, whose purpose is to increase the defense capability of the individual units and all military neighborhood in general.

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