Hopefully the 5th generation fighter to substantiate its ability to act as an effective element of the missile defense system.
Distributed system of infrared sensors and radar DAS fighter F-35 have shown the ability to detect and track down a gun-launched ballistic missiles.
AN/AAQ-37 DAS — it optoelectronic system with a distributed aperture (6 IR / TV cameras on the surface plane). It provides passive detection in all directions. With this system the F-35 already showed ballistic missile launches from a record distance v1200 km. In nedavneshnem test AN/AAQ-37 DAS worked with AN/APG-81 radar of the F-35. So Makarov was tested complex electronic equipment, demonstrate the ability, which is not present at the 1st modern aircraft in the world.
Radar sensors and DAS were located on board the aircraft laboratory BAC1-11. AN/AAQ-37 DAS system has an important feature: it monitors the entire sphere around the aircraft, and means — there is no need to direct the pilot field of view of the detector in the appropriate region.
Due to this rapidly found DAS launch of a series of ballistic missiles. Infrared sensors successfully observed the flight of missiles, even after some time after burning fuel in the second stage. Also captured on ballistic missiles and a radar tracking AN/APG-81, able to track targets in all weather criteria and provide target information weapons, including missiles and missile defense. Radar tracked down missiles directly to move beyond the range acts provided developers radar.
This test detectors F-35 not only shows the great potential of the electrical systems of the F-35. In the case of equipment antimissiles the aircraft can be very effective interception system of strategic and tactical ballistic missiles. Unobtrusive fighter will be able to watch at a distance of 500-1000 km from the alleged whereabouts ballistic missile launchers and destroy them once at the start or issue Cueing other means of defense.

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