Farewell to the biologist Galina Syarzhaninay

Galina Syarzhanina grew up in a family of scientists — ancestors were professors biologist. Galina Ivanovna herself was the creator of a number of scientific publications, and her work was very thorough encyclopedia "Mushrooms and mushroom cooking."
Word about Galina Syarzhaninu from her friend Galina Siuchyk:
"I respect her very much for her ability to adore, adore. It was very decent man. I do not remember that it said something bad about anyone. With all this it was very fundamentally. Hardworking. And as in all professional people, it all came out professionally: not only books and science. She’s very own adored grandchildren loved very wisely. She had a beautiful family. It was very lovely lady, and when she went with her husband, she was like a queen. She listened to every day "Freedom." And although the core was Russian, she always spoke to me in Belarusian. We have lost very badhis rights. "

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